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♜"The economic impact of closing a good portion of the west coast ocean salmon fishery will negatively impact the people that participate in the fishery, and the small businesses in coastal communities that rely on the salmon fishery," Merrick Burden, the council's executive director, said in a statement.↞1210J2000680KCT♨Raskin said that he still was exhausted as he recovered from the final round of chemotherapy, but that he would issue a proper thank you soon.❒VJ0402Y682MXXPW1BC✒The embattled New York Republican faced charges in a suburb outside Rio de Janeiro on allegations he stole checks to buy clothing and other goods in 2008.▣VS-80EPF02PBF㊣Much will be written about Abraham Verghese's multigenerational South Indian novel in the coming months and years.۰

▥"My sense is, God and I came to an accommodation with each other a couple of decades ago, where he's gotten used to the things I'm not capable of, and I've come to terms with things he's not capable of," he said. "And we still care very much about each other."♧VS-240UR60D⊙And now, we've managed to turn up the volume to hear Pando as the baritone soloist it's always been.⇆


◫Khan, 70, was ousted in a no-confidence motion in Parliament after Bajwa signaled that the army no longer supported Khan's government. But the coalition government that replaced him is deeply unpopular, and the country has lurched from one crisis to another, including an unraveling economy and soaring inflation that has left millions on the verge of starvation.→SRR0805-102K⇕Other uninvolved civilians who happened to live nearby were also killed. The strike on Izzeldeen's home killed three members of a family living upstairs — Jamal Khaswan, a prominent local dentist and chairman of Al-Wafaa Hospital, his wife and his 19-year-old son, Yousef, who was studying to be a dentist like his father, the rights group reported. Russian diplomats in the West Bank said Khaswan had Russian citizenship. A widely shared video showed their distraught young daughter, Miral, arriving alone at Gaza's main hospital and crying out for her father.☣C317C101K2R5TA➪But the stunt brought joy to Abdul Malek, a Chechen demonstrator who has staged regular protests outside the embassy.۰T491C226M010AT4380のIf found guilty of those charges, the man could face up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine, Warthin told NPR.☚

○The rapid development of effective COVID vaccines around the world has been a medical marvel. There will be periodic new boosters available. But don't necessarily expect to be prodded on your cellphone – one NPR reporter just got a message that his vaccine reminders will cease.⇦UP050CH680J-A-BZ▣The mountain's new name was approved in a 19-3 vote during an Oregon Geographic Names Board meeting in December, according to the meeting's minutes, and was made official by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names in mid-April.☀

▲ISTANBUL, Turkey — There's a big election coming up in Turkey on May 14, one that could shape the trajectory of this NATO ally for years to come.☭

▤Nonetheless, the ethics statement signed by all the justices says that "individual justices, rather than the court, decide recusal issues." Translation: There still is no group enforcement mechanism. As the ethics statement puts it, "If the full court or any subset of the court were to review the recusal decisions of individual justices, it would create an undesirable situation in which the court could affect the outcome of a case by selecting who among its members may participate."➨


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GA1812A121JXLAR31G◨This is something that most women with disabilities do not enjoy in many parts of the world.♈2225Y2500332KCT▅The G-7 economies comprise only a tenth of the world's population but about 30% of economic activity, down from roughly half 40 years ago. Developing economies like China, India and Brazil have made huge gains, raising questions about the G-7's relevance and role in leading a world economy increasingly reliant on growth in less wealthy nations.♟


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