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M39003/01-2259H¤The embattled New York Republican faced charges in a suburb outside Rio de Janeiro on allegations he stole checks to buy clothing and other goods in 2008.➡AQ147M101FAJWE☪Laux said Mickey vanished from the stage as soon as the dragon's head became engulfed in flames.↶


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C326C240G3G5TA☏"In America, the law protects all of us equally from persecution, violence and threats of violence," said David Newman, a top official in the Justice Department's national security division.あM39003/01-5063H✿Residents across Guam faced flooding, torn roofs, downed trees and power outages after the Category 4 storm battered the Pacific U.S. territory from Wednesday into Thursday. The local government’s islandwide damage assessments remain underway, but by sunrise Thursday, Mawar was considered one of the worst storms to slam the island in decades, officials said.☚


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1812J5000331KAT☢The rally came nearly a week after an earlier protest in Belgrade that also drew thousands and demonstrations in smaller towns and cities around the country. At that protest, demonstrators demanded the resignations of government ministers and the withdrawal of broadcast licenses for two private TV stations which are close to the state and promote violence. They often host convicted war criminals and crime figures on their programs.○FSBB20CH120DF⇛Teixeira was part of the 102nd Intelligence Wing and stationed at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A Pentagon official told CBS News on Tuesday that work at the 102nd Intelligence Wing has been paused since Teixeira's arrest.▉

⇍In a perfect world, health experts say they'd like everyone would get the more expensive polio shot which is incapable of mutating into a dangerous, circulating virus.⇌

☃Economist Lempert said in his research that overweight women started work with lower wages and throughout their careers receive less frequent raises and promotions leading to a big impact in their cumulative wages as they age.↚

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