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▧Starbucks' then-CEO, Howard Schultz, was grilled, including by members of Congress, for 2022 leaked remarks calling a unionization effort an "outside force." Braden Wallake, the CEO of marketing firm HyperSocial, took heat on social media for posting a selfie of himself crying after laying off employees.☀GA1812A392GBEAT31G☍“She’s only six years old.”↛CDR32BX393AKUSAR▇In a tell-all book called The President's Daughter, Britton wrote about her yearslong relationship with Harding, which she said lasted until he died. She provided details about coming to an agreement with the politician to have her sister and brother-in-law adopt the child.☢1825Y2000331GCT★About $179.3 million of that is guaranteed to Hurts, with $110 million guaranteed at signing. His contract also has the first no-trade clause in the team's history, according to▁

⇃The South Carolina Senate on Tuesday voted to ban abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy following the end of a filibuster by the chamber’s five female senators, who had become the bill’s most outspoken opponents.◎1812J0500105JXT■"Today's decision is a win for Americans who rely on competition between airlines to travel affordably," Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.↫


♠Strep, short for Streptococcus, can cause a bacterial infection that typically leads to a sore throat, fever and swollen tonsils. It can affect adults, but it's most common in school-aged children.⇂CDLL6341◨Rapp, who successfully led the prosecution against former Liberian President Charles Taylor for war crimes in Sierra Leone, conceded that prosecuting Putin would be challenging. He said the most likely venue would be the International Criminal Court, or possibly an international tribunal created specifically to handle the crimes in Ukraine.❉C0603C369D5HACAUTO♧During the trial, Holmes expressed regret and said she wished she had operated the company differently.↝SP1008-223K✉"First to Ukraine: we stand by you, with you," Orpo told the Associated Press during a victory event. "We cannot accept this terrible war. And we will do all that is needed to help Ukraine, Ukrainian people because they fight for us. This is clear."❧

◦Industry norms for writing and promoting stories for social media are now gospel in most newsrooms.❤TD122N22KOFHPSA1▧The 1993 fire at Blue Mountain Clinic was part of a particularly violent period of anti-abortion attacks in the U.S. that continued through the 1990s and 2000s, when clinics were bombed and abortion providers killed. Now, less than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, rhetorical and physical attacks have increased against clinics that still provide abortions in conservative-led states.☞

◀"Where is our right to know?" asked one social media user, after the first media reports were published late Monday night.☼


➹El-Faham lost about $6,000 to the scheme.™BZG05C47-HM3-08▔She says the law goes hand-in-hand with a push to get Native American history included in school curricula. Lekanoff calls it a "win-win" for both the schools and the tribes, "because to know the history of the people whose lands you live upon would just strengthen the relationship and the understanding and the respect of the first Washingtonians."✉2SD2679T100♥"Well, I would say allowing this to continue would be a geopolitical disaster," Gallagher replied. "And that, to me, is far more important than angering some teenagers."➞C5750X7R2A475K230KA↘In Daniels' telling, she hesitantly agreed to sell her story of the affair in In Touch magazine in 2011 because one of the "hundred or so" people she'd told the story to had threatened to tell it first.➘

➮“No further inquiries were heard on that frequency,” Maj. Shul said.▧VJ0805D240KXPAPSen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., a member of the Judiciary committee, told NPR that the committee should press ahead with nominations and "we will use all of the rules and tools available." He declined to give details but said Democrats have options. He also said Feinstein could be back "in a couple of weeks."☭


▣Though she can't prove it, Angela Reynolds suspects that someone had been financially exploiting her mom. At the same time, she feels guilty for what happened to Lewis-Thorpe, who now lives with her: "There's always that part of me that's going to say, 'At what point did it turn, where I could have had a different outcome?'"▮VJ0805D270MLCAC☃DiCaprio said he had received multiple gifts from Low including pay for his work on The Wolf of Wall Street, financial donations to his environmentally focused charity, photographs, first edition books and art.✍MIL4922-52L➜The Dalai Lama has apologized for kissing a young boy on the lips and asking him to "suck my tongue" after a video of the incident sparked outrage on social media.✚C0603C150J4HACAUTO◈Weaver works for CareSouth, a nonprofit health center that has a federal government designation as a safety net provider.☼

⇛Mariano Pargas Jr. — who was serving as interim chief of the Uvalde police the day of the attack — was also soon suspended and later resigned. He is captured on body-cam footage telling Guerrero that a child had called from inside the room with the gunman, but like the others, available video and audio records show, he failed to take charge or push officers to enter and kill the gunman.➥NXPSC10650BJ↗According to court documents filed Friday, the FBI's investigation found that many of the documents Teixeira leaked had classified markings including noting that they were "top secret." Some of the images of the documents appeared to depict government information that was used in Pentagon briefings.⇤


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