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●Those images of physical violence (Warning: Graphic violence is depicted in the linked video) in turn sparked dozens of missiles fired from southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip against Israeli targets, Israeli retaliatory airstrikes on both territories, and a subsequent pair of attacks Friday on civilians in the occupied West Bank and Tel Aviv, which have left two British-Israeli settlers and an Italian tourist dead. The militant group Hamas has not claimed responsibility for either Friday attack, but instead praised them as valid retaliation for the prior behavior of Israeli police.↡C901U709DZNDBAWL20➨Kaylin Gillis and three of her friends were trying to find another friend's house in rural Hebron, N.Y., when they mistakenly pulled up to the house owned by Kevin Monahan, according to Sheriff Jeffrey J. Murphy.╬C0603C209C8HAC7867のWhen asked about how to improve and better serve public media, Smith, who now runs the global news startup Semafor from New York, was uncertain and did not predict a better alternative or provide a specific solution. But he added that "a lot of people are watching short videos, instead of going on social networks. They're consuming a lot of email. And they're going to events."☼0805J0160221MXT↠A federal district court had previously ruled in favor of the Andy Warhol Foundation. It found Warhol's work to be transformative enough in relation to Goldsmith's original to invoke fair use protection. But that ruling was subsequently overturned by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.⇌

▶Government officials said the cause of the fire was under investigation. Some news reports said preliminary investigations indicated an explosion might have been set off by a short circuit in a part of the mine about 100 meters (330 feet) below the surface.→1812J0160270KCT⊙"I want to be absolutely clear," his statement continued.  "[T]hese findings do not call into question the experiences and real health issues that US Government personnel and their family members – including CIA's own officers – have reported while serving our country."↴


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C1206C302K5HACAUTO◎Pharmacies facing shortages will be directed to a state website where they can find information about how to request pills from the misoprostol supply.﹌VJ0805D4R7CXPAJ❤Demonstrators also tried to reach the prime minister's residence in Lahore, but were driven off by baton-wielding police. Still others attacked vehicles carrying troops, hitting armed soldiers with sticks. So far, police and soldiers have not opened fire at protesters.▐

▇Last year, Merchan oversaw the closely watched criminal tax fraud case against Trump's company, which was ultimately found guilty by a Manhattan jury. Trump himself was not a defendant in that case.⊕


▩"I have found in my own reporting that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell really existed at the fringes, the far right fringes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," Sottile told member station Boise State Public Radio, "and that they ... kind of were able to meet because of this ecosystem of extremism that exists there."↬C0805X222J2GECAUTO7210❤Ann Powers, on her first impressions:卍0805R-122J⊠I realize these decisions will be very hard for everyone, most of all, those who will be leaving. It's not something we take lightly. We have some of the most passionate and dedicated team members, who bring their full selves to drive our brands and business forward. This is why it's so difficult to say goodbye to our friends and colleagues. To those impacted, we deeply appreciate the passion and creativity you have brought every day. I want to thank you for your many contributions.✲SS15HE3_A/I◪Section 230, however, also has a provision encouraging internet companies to police their platforms, so as to remove harassing, defamatory, and false content. And while some companies point to their robust efforts to take down such content, Twitter, the company that won Thursday's case, is now owned by Elon Musk who, since acquiring the company, has fired many of the people who were charged with eliminating disinformation and other harmful content on the site.➚

¤Paying for diabetes care along with bills for food and housing has been a constant financial strain that eventually put her in debt.↶1812J0160122JCR☊Thirty-five states have been represented where she works.➡


유Another one is that I trust the forces of goodness. That they're taking care of the universe. And I believe it. It restores my faith and restores a feeling of wellbeing.➛CWR19KB336KCHC☼To do so, framers of the new constitution drafted a document that required only 9 of 12 jurors to convict. If one, two or three Black residents made it onto a jury, their votes could effectively be canceled out by white jurors. (In 1973, the constitution was amended to require agreement from 10 jurors.)↛0603Y1000330GAT♦"Insurers are in the business of taking on new customers, so this is a highly unusual circumstance," said Michael Barry, chief communications officer for the Insurance Information Institute, an industry group.▪1N5944BE3/TR13▇The bill now goes to Museveni, who has 30 days to veto it or sign it into law. He suggested in a recent speech that he supports the legislation, accusing unnamed Western nations of "trying to impose their practices on other people."★

【Before going underground, she told her team not to contact her under any circumstances, even a family member's death.⇍3EZ19D5-TPTo sports writers and soccer fans, the word "Pelé" isn't just the nickname for one of soccer's greatest players but a synonym for being the best. Now a Portuguese-language dictionary is making that meaning official.➭

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