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◊The Dalai Lama has resided in the green, northern, hillside Indian city of Dharamshala since 1959, after an unsuccessful Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupation. Beijing still regards Tibetan Buddhists with suspicion and hostility.↼1812WA221JATRE✿"We raised our bar so high," says music critic Kim Do-heon, about expectations for K-pop artists from both the industry and fans.✤C1206C911M1HAC7800◦The island-state's imposition of the death penalty for drugs is in contrast with its neighbors. In Thailand, cannabis has essentially been legalized, and Malaysia has ended the mandatory death penalty for serious crimes.♂2220J0500824KXT⇤Even as she tries to give her daughter the best funeral she can, she thinks she should have been able to get an abortion in Texas months ago. "This whole situation didn't even have to happen," she says.♠

▰Two Phil's stormed to the lead at the top of the stretch. Mage swung to the outside and took aim on the leader. Mage passed him at the eighth-pole and went on to victory.¤8.85E+11✍Highlights:♪

✡He added that a repurpose plan could be approved in the "mid-term in the future."↘

♥A team of scientists from the universities of Almería, Granada and Murcia kept in touch with her using "special, limited" messaging technology, The Guardian reports.→


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GA1206H102KXABR31G⇩Senate leader Phil Berger accused Cooper on Saturday of "feeding the public lies" and "bullying" members of his party to block the legislation. "I look forward to promptly overriding his veto," he said in a statement.♝1210Y0630154JET◇In a 2017 piece for Salon, writer and historian Elizabeth Catte wrote: "Every generation of politicians, writers, analysts, academics and economists believes it has discovered something unique or horrible or paradoxical about Appalachia."▤


✁"And now, today, we can add medical facilities to that list," Warnock said.√CDR03BP102BJYSAB✍He practiced law in Cincinnati, eventually getting elected to the city council in 1971; by 1974 he had to resign, admitting he'd paid a sex worker by check, but was re-elected in 1975. And in 1977, he served for a year as mayor of Cincinnati.♠2225J1K00182JCR➢After shooting his grandmother in the face, Salvador Ramos stole her truck and crashed it near a funeral home. Bystanders called 911 after he fired and walked toward the school.♪1808Y2500391KXR↯The leaves had "this percussive quality," he says. "And I knew that all of these vibrating leaves would create a significant amount of vibration within the tree."❈

➢City supervisors will hold a second and final vote next Tuesday. Mayor London Breed is expected to sign the measure.↨C2012JB1A226M125AB♠"I feel a great deal of misery and sadness, as well as helplessness," she said in a telephone interview from Khartoum. "I have assumed that we lost the birds and mammals."✿


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