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⇢This wasn't about adding voters, this was about locking down who already is with him. But therein lies the problem for Trump — the more his grievance politics have become about him, the more views of him from independents (and certainly Democrats) have hardened.☪

⇡Federal law prohibits the federal government from releasing personally identifiable census records until 72 years after a head count's Census Day, and it is illegal for the government to use census data against a person.➯

ⓛ"Unless someone released the animals early on when the clashes started, I don't see how any would or could have survived for over two weeks with no care," said Kamal M. Ibrahim, a biology professor at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in an email. He is familiar with the museum and its work, having graduated from the University of Khartoum and spending a sabbatical there.☀

◐Many people in the U.S. with origins in Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East or North Africa do not identify as white people, and advocates for Arab Americans and other MENA groups have spent decades pushing for a checkbox of their own on the census and other forms.✆


▤Jane highlighted for us one pre-war CIA analytic paper, written in August of 2002, titled: "The Perfect Storm: Planning for Negative Consequences of Invading Iraq."◊2220Y0500683KCR♂As of February, the program was staffed with just 300 psychologists. São Paulo's current government has since suspended the program until it can hire enough professionals to see all those in need. It has also promised to hire another 5,000 mediators to help prevent violence in schools. Currently there are 500.←0603Y2001P50DCT▣Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation and does not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel, while publicly supporting the Palestinian cause.┲1782-07H×The route to the hospital was peppered with military checkpoints. Groups of soldiers roamed the streets carrying machine guns. Abdullah did not dare wear his medical scrubs or carry his professional badge. He also dared not drive. If he were stopped by the soldiers at one of the checkpoints, his driver's license would reveal he was a medical doctor. Like other doctors in Sudan, he had received many cryptic calls and text messages that made him fear for his life.▎

◐In the Sioux City Community School District in Iowa this spring, students had about $22,000 in debt. Rich Luze, who runs nutrition for the district, said the government could have handled the ending of the free meal benefit better.▉1N5924P/TR12✁"Listen, the story that you guys heard, it does not represent McCurtain County. We have good folks in McCurtain County. If we were so racist, it would not be such a diverse group here," Young said, according to KOSU.▱

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