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▫Since then, more than 8 million Ukrainians have registered as refugees in Europe and another 5.3 million have become internally displaced, according to the U.N. refugee agency. But these statistics reflect only a small part of the struggle civilians are going through. With the insufficient financial resources and policies in place that, according to scholars of international law, harm civilians and prevent families from reuniting, for most refugees, displacement has become not a single, lifesaving event but rather a chronic condition of uncertainty and precarity.◑C0402C821K3JACAUTO▩"We must embrace the future of reproductive rights," he said.⇠DTA115TET1G☜The couple portrayed in the works came from a prominent family in Leiden, Netherlands. Their son, Dominicus van der Pluym, married Cornelia van Suytbroeck, the daughter of Rembrandt's uncle. Dominicus and Corneilia had a son, who is believed to have trained with Rembrandt as an artist.☀98-0290⇙A phone call to District Attorney José Garza's office on Saturday was not answered.◐

✐The issue in the recalled Atlas SUVs has caused the passenger occupant detection system to sense a malfunction and turn off the airbag when it shouldn't, increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.↗C0805X152K5RACTU▶Cryptocurrency trading is illegal in Egypt, and another lawyer representing some of the victims said that had likely kept many from reporting the crime.↷


▨But many other LGBTQ people, including those who are not living with a partner or are in different-sex relationships, remain invisible in this key national dataset that's used to determine political representation, enforce civil rights protections, inform research and policymaking, and guide an estimated $1.5 trillion a year in federal money for public services in local communities.☻08051U161JAT2A☚Pasta isn't the only grocery staple getting more expensive in Italy, not to mention other parts of the world.↹ASPIAIG-S8050-1R0M-T❄Investors responded to "a broader structural problem" in banking following a long period of low interest rates and "very, very loose monetary policy," said Sascha Steffen, professor of finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.▫GA0805Y473KBJBR31G↺However, when Larson and her teamed analyzed links to some of the sketchy videos, including one link shared with NPR by the Canyon Ridge Police Department, those links appeared to be laced with malware.▽

↽The South Carolina Senate on Tuesday voted to ban abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy following the end of a filibuster by the chamber’s five female senators, who had become the bill’s most outspoken opponents.▲1808J1000393KXR▥"It's a very difficult subject to touch upon," said Ramiro Restrepo, part of Mage's ownership and a blood stock agent. "I'm sure there's going to be some investigations done as to the reason behind that, and hopefully that provides a few more answers."◀


◙Twitter, which launched in 2006, had already served key roles in other mass news events.▧TRJD107M010RRJ❀The rapper, born Earl Stevens, Jr., said in a statement to NPR that he was subjected to "disrespectful heckling" during Saturday's playoff game and addressed one heckler in an "assertive but polite" manner before being ordered to leave the Golden 1 Center arena by security guards.▀SP1210R-473H✲But "Boston Strong" became a trend because it worked, at least in one practical way. One Fund, the charity associated with the original "Boston Strong" T-shirt sales, disbursed $61 million dollars in donations to survivors and victims' families — all within the first two months of its creation.↪GA0805A390JXABC31G↻If enacted, the ban in the state would not start until January 2024.▥

▅"COVID 19 is still a significant problem, but emergencies can't go on forever," observes Dr. Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. "I think we're living in a place where we're treating COVID similar to flu."✌1812J1K00470GFT۰"But I couldn't be more proud to be here," she testified.▊


↞That finding is from an analysis conducted by the Urban Institute for KFF Health News and NPR as part of an investigation into medical debt published last year. The investigation found among other things that 100 million people in the U.S. have some kind of health care debt, a burden that can be devastating for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.☻SC73B-101☆“I think he needs to be remembered as kind of the OG or the godfather of the whole soil health movement,” said David Kleinschmidt, an agricultural consultant and a friend of Brandt’s.▦VJ1206A3R9DXQCW1BC▅She was unhappy about the many months off from school due to pandemic closures: "I stayed indoors for a year and felt like serving a jail term," says Awour. Due to the loss of schooling for some nine months, she says, "I feel my life goals were derailed a bit" – she hopes to study sign language for a future career.◊1210Y0500124KER☊Garth Brooks and Parton hosted the two-hour awards show, streamed live on Amazon Prime from the Ford Center at the Star in Frisco.◎

➚In years past Bausch was employed in a series of frontline clinical and research posts with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other key institutions. Today he is based in Geneva as senior adviser for Global Health Security at the non-profit FIND – one of the leading global organizations for developing diagnostic tests. This week he traveled for meetings in Washington, D.C., where NPR caught up with him. This conversation has been lightly edited for length and clarity.▃VS-12CWQ04FNTRPBF☼Former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also paid tribute to Turner. Obama said: "Tina Turner was raw. She was powerful. She was unstoppable. And she was unapologetically herself—speaking and singing her truth through joy and pain; triumph and tragedy. Today we join fans around the world in honoring the Queen of Rock and Roll, and a star whose light will never fade."☀

▏"We received recommendations from 33 countries concerning the administration of capital punishment at the State and Federal level," the State Department's statement reads. "While we respect those who make these recommendations, they reflect continuing differences of policy, not differences about what the United States' international human rights obligations require."ღ

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