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❁"Another state's laws that seek to punish providers of reproductive healthcare, or gender-affirming care, do not apply in Colorado," said Democratic State Rep. Meg Froelich, one of the main sponsors of the legislation.ぃGJM0335C2A8R9CB01W▩"This has nothing to do with the monetary value of this lawsuit, but everything that has to do with accountability," Wells said during the news conference.➞C0603C0G500-561GNP⇝This is something that most women with disabilities do not enjoy in many parts of the world.▓S0603-3N3F1S♠Many only knew Dave Brandt as a viral meme. In 2018, Reddit users shared a photo of the Ohio farmer with a caption in bold text — “It ain’t much but it’s honest work” — as if Brandt was humbly extolling the virtues of a day’s work in the field.▉

☚Democrats remain critical of any efforts to link debt ceiling negotiations to legislation that would require work requirements for those on assistance programs.♂1808Y5000101JCR▪"We're being as creative as possible to really just work with every individual patient to resolve all those barriers that might stand in the way between making their decision and getting to our door," she said.⇤


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251R14S200FV4T♤"Sap seeps down a fir tree's trunk like bitter tears.... I brace against the tree and weep for the children, for the parents left behind, for my father who lived, for those who didn't," Lajimodiere wrote in a poem based on interviews with boarding school victims, published in her 2016 book "Bitter Tears."のGA1210Y272JBLAR31G▢Protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building before filing by the government's headquarters and onto a highway bridge spanning the Sava River, where evening commuters had to turn their vehicles around to avoid getting stuck. At the head of the column was a black banner reading "Serbia Against Violence."▀


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C1206X472J5GEC7210►NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Johnson & Johnson is earmarking nearly $9 billion to cover allegations that its baby power containing talc caused cancer, more than quadrupling the amount that the company had previously set aside to pay for its potential liability.◊C1206C121J1GAC7800↫Financial problems are a common reason family members bring their loved ones to the office of Robin Hilsabeck, a neuropsychologist who specializes in cognitive issues at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School.✉

❐After McCarthy's speech, Schumer dismissed the proposal as unserious, telling reporters on Capitol Hill, "What we got today was not a plan, it was a recycled pile of the same things he's been saying for months. None of which has moved the ball forward an inch."웃

➢The violence against an elderly and incapacitated woman has sparked a national debate about the police use of stun guns in such circumstances and the competence of aged care staff. Police are allowed to use stun guns when lives are in danger.の

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