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◙The museum says people are most likely to find specimens "directly west of Canoose straddling the border," and that the reward is also open to Canadians.➢C2012X5R1V106K125AC♕Advocacy groups commended the Biden administration for the move.♂1812J1K00271FCT√He spent about two minutes in the building before fleeing on foot to a nearby Shell gas station. Around 12:30 p.m., he stole a pickup truck that was left running.✿1825Y0250470JCR➵Zelenskyy underlined the importance of defending Bakhmut in an interview with The Associated Press in March, saying its fall could allow Russia to rally international support for a deal that might require Kyiv to make unacceptable compromises.➨

ΘScott joins former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who declared her candidacy in February. It was Haley who just over a decade ago appointed him to the Senate to fill a vacancy. Both are very popular in their home state, which is a pivotal early voting state for both Republicans and Democrats. The South Carolina primary is the first in the South and often sets a candidate on a path for the nomination. Even so, an April poll by Winthrop University shows both Haley and Scott doing better than they do nationally, but even in South Carolina both still trail Trump by a wide margin.AQ14EA102FAJME▇The container was loaded onto the Malaysia-bound vessel and the ship started its journey on January 11 from Chittagong, reaching Port Klang in Malaysia on January 17, the day he was discovered.➫

↸Chanelle Helm, the lead organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville, said Cosgrove's return to the police force showed the impunity often afforded to law enforcement.➷


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SQCB5A102JATME❥In an email to NPR, a lawyer representing Trump said the former president would appeal the decision.♦2EZ150D10/TR12♠King County, home to Seattle, directed transportation operators such as bus drivers to let people ride for free if they're seeking respite from the heat or heading to a cooling center. The county's regional homeless authority said several cooling and day centers will be open across the county.✪


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GRM1885C1H9R5DZ01D☎"As a friend, I'm so incredibly proud of you," Styles told Corden. "On a personal note, you've been a safe space to me always as a friend." He added that he was '"selfishly very excited that you're coming home." Styles, Corden and Ferrell then embraced in a group hug.➽VJ1206Y562KXACW1BC❤Hollerich declined to say how the female members of the meeting would be called, given that members have long been known as "synodal fathers." Asked if they would be known as "synodal mothers," he responded that it would be up to the women to decide.↵


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1808Y0250393FCT▍This led the team to conclude that "ICG is an effective antidote for treating AMA toxicity in mice." It's an encouraging sign – but we still don't know how effective of an antidote it is in humans.↻GRM31MR61C564KA01L┱In fact, the text of the NIE included caveats, not a lot of them, but enough to notice. Had the analysts taken those caveats into account and had they rigorously assessed the dated nature of the information underlying their judgments and the poor quality of the sourcing behind that information, I believe their confidence would have been lower.  I believe they would have had only "low" confidence -- on a scale of low, medium, and high.ⓥ

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