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↯MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah. Well, it only really began moving in February. You just heard Asa Hutchinson, who is running for President, talk about institutionalizing people with mental health issues to avoid mass shootings. It's something that Mike Pence, the former vice president who's running, also said at the NRA this weekend. He also called for the death penalty for mass shooters. How do you assess those solutions?ⓛCC0402JRNPO7BN102✲The platform's biggest and final offer was a new "deposit funds" feature, with which users were told they could earn as much as five times the value of their existing investment in just five days. Abd El-Barr was skeptical again, but as it had worked thus far, he went ahead and took the risk, throwing all of his savings into the app.☜1206Y6308P20DQT♪The Colosseum appointment is a highlight of Holy Week ceremonies. At this year's procession, in which a tall, slim, lightweight cross was carried by faithful, some 20,000 people turned out, holding lighted candles in the darkness outside the arena. When the procession ended, and a cardinal, instead of the pope, gave a blessing, a shout of "Long live the pope!" rose from the crowd.✦3N257-5410E4/51◨There's no shortage of physical violence in the book, thanks to Adelaide's murderous family secret and a handful of townspeople with a similar taste for blood, but it's the psychological horror that really makes the novel scary. At one point, Adelaide considers the burden she's kept hidden for so long: "There is no moment when the secret recedes. It's a sound that never stops playing in one's ear; a pain in the body that never quite seems to heal. The keepers of that secret — meaning every member of the family — each one hides it differently, but they are always hiding. The idea that you would ever stop is as impossible to imagine as all the stars falling from the sky. Better to take the secret to your grave."↽

⇪An online petition to “help save” Paora, the nocturnal, flightless bird at Zoo Miami, garnered more than 10,000 signatures in two days this week. Video broadcast by New Zealand outlet 1 News showed the creature taken out of his enclosure and firmly patted as one of the zoo’s up-close animal encounters, which are offered for $23.36.☁39H562C☚Carlson is also the focus of an ongoing federal lawsuit in the Southern District of New York filed by one of his former senior producers. She alleges a workplace rife with bigotry, anti-Semitism and sexism. (Carlson tells NPR he knows nothing about her. Fox says her accusations are meritless.)❣


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PG0083.601NLT▢A dozen years ago, when debt limit negotiations broke down between Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, it was McConnell who established a dialog with the Oval Office through Obama's vice president — Joe Biden.▪1206Y0502P20BCT✉Lee Sang-jin, a former head of a local company that imports sex dolls, welcomed the customs service's decision.◇


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C0603C151F1GAC7867█But Williams knew when it came to more traditional public health interventions, "they don't diffuse into society" as easily. "Our problem is not coming up with the answers. Our problem is often scaling those answers." To Williams, music, and hip-hop in particular, could serve as a powerful tool. "Music has always been able to diffuse not just through our personal lives but across the world," he says. "And yet in my mind, we hadn't fully leveraged it for public health."◈2220Y0630270GFR▉Porn website owner Michael James Pratt, one of the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives, has been captured in Spain, the bureau announced Friday.▦


➼The show was stopped almost immediately, "and then right after that, the dragon started catching fire and the whole body was up in flames," he told The Associated Press on Sunday.▫CCR05CG181FMV☼Until now, that is. Using technology developed by Magellan Ltd., scientists have managed to map the Titanic in its entirety, from its bow and stern sections (which broke apart after sinking) to its 3-by-5-mile debris field.↝C0805X104K1RACTU✆"We are going to investigate from the ticket sales, the entries into the stadium, but especially the southern zone," where, he said, the gate was pushed open.▒B82432A1103K000▃"It's a shock to everybody," he told reporters in Augusta. "You want to naturally say, 'That can't be happening here in Maine.' But the reality is these senseless acts can and do happen everywhere."♦

✁While the Serbian government sought to crack down on guns and police raced to investigate the fresh violence, the nation started to ask what social factors may have contributed to the mass shootings. Serbia has one of the highest number of firearms per capita in the world, and guns are frequently fired into the air to mark the birth of a child or other special occasions.♠6MS24017P43W39873NOSA1┲Shortly before 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, police were called to a residence in Clay County, Mo., in the northern part of Kansas City. They found that a teenager had been "shot in front of the residence by a homeowner," said Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves at a Sunday press conference.✄


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CWR26KK106MBGZ\HRˍThe new labels are intended to help inform people who aren't fully aware of the health effects of drinking, officials said. According to the annual government-commissioned Healthy Ireland survey, 79% of respondents didn't know about the risk of breast cancer from drinking more than recommended, 60% didn't know about the risks of bowel cancer and 7% believed it was safe to drink small amounts of alcohol while pregnant.⇥CWR11HH106MB\TR█Evidence indicates at least one of the handguns had been altered for rapid fire, he said. "Witnesses said it sounded like a machine gun."◑

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