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1808J1K00121FFRThe providers in the control group of hospitals provided care as usual, which normally involves using one of the treatments at a time, then trying another ... and another.➟2220J2500391KFR♬Looking back on his career, Gregg said he started out in an Army that was split in two, "one Black and one white."☢


£The pair mistakenly pulled their car onto the property of Antonio Caccavale, 43, in Southwest Ranches, a town about 20 miles northwest of Miami.☁GRM0335C1H5R4CA01D↑In anticipation of the talks, the two factions agreed to a week-long cease-fire, which started on Thursday.◐0805Y0100123JXR❁Senior Biden administration officials told CBS News that, after the balloon was shot down, the U.S government spoke directly with the Chinese government about the action.◨1210J2500272KFRⓛ"The existence of positive Doppler radar returns — meteorites detected descending through the atmosphere just several miles above ground — assures us there are meteorites waiting to be found," Darryl Pitt, chair of the museum's meteorite division, said in a Monday release.✒

♥Briana Loewinsohn's debut Ephemera opens with images of a casually dressed middle-aged woman standing in deep contemplation amidst tall, stately trees.↨0603Y2500181KXR✌Only expelling the two Black legislators may have surfaced the racism at work in the Tennessee statehouse, but racism and discrimination were also lurking just beneath, according to political scientists, historians and activists on the ground.⊡


✥He added: "I will, I must abide by your decision."↓1206J0630153KCT➹Heidi Swillinger lives in a mobile home park in San Pablo, a small city in the San Francisco Bay Area, along the BNSF Railway. She estimates that her home is just 20 feet (6 meters) from the tracks. She said it's not uncommon for diesel fumes to fill her house, resulting in a "thick, acrid, dirty smell."☃1825Y5000123JCR☻Protasiewicz has been sick and off the campaign trail for the past few days, according to her aides. Kelly's campaign says he's made more than 20 stops over the last four days, including Sunday afternoon at Milwaukee County Republican headquarters in West Allis.♨4540N470J103LE§According to the indictment, Davis directed funds from The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to two nonprofit organizations — Family Resource Center of North Mississippi Inc. and Mississippi Community Education Center.➷

✐The Vladislav Ribnikar school is in the Vračar district, an area known for its museums, churches and other historic buildings, including Serbia's national library.❐1210J5000680JAT❤GM says it will offer "courtesy transportation" on a case-by-case basis to owners who fear driving vehicles that are part of the recall.♛

▨Minnesota state Sen. Mary Kunesh, who is a descendant of the Standing Rock, Lakota Nation, says she understands that Warroad has tried to be respectful. As for the gift of land to the school, "maybe at that time, that was something that the Native communities either could accept or felt powerless to push back against."


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222523K63P90BQTAF9LM♂Tensions with China, and with Russia over its war on Ukraine, have loomed large during the talks in Japan, the G-7's only Asian member.★FG26C0G2J331JNT06☞In Georgia, the new law boosts criminal penalties for aggravated assaults against all health care workers on a hospital campus, not just those in emergency rooms, which were already regulated. And hospitals can now establish law enforcement offices like those on university campuses. The officers must be certified by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and maintain law enforcement records that can be made public.♣

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