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➡Loewinsohn's inspired book is less a reckoning, more a kind of love letter — if a convoluted one — to this mother. Addressed as "you" throughout, she is remembered as an essential, looming figure, the one who transmitted to her daughter an enduring love for the outdoors and nature, for gardening and planting. Divided into three sections, "Dirt," "Leaf," and "Light," the grown-up daughter is now skilled at the only occupation that seemed to animate her troubled loved one. As a child she was unintentionally taught to wait, and wait, for a presence (her mother) that might reappear at any moment, then disappear again without warning. In this way, Ephemera discloses how even something that is learned with oppressive difficultly at an early age can hold value in other contexts later on. Patience, staying, careful attention: These are a gardener's most effective tools.⇐


☆Uganda, which shares a porous border with the DRC, has experienced several Ebola outbreaks, most recently in 2019 when at least five people died.☪VP0300B-E3⊙SEOUL — A new survey has found that most Japanese would, in fact, not rather live until 100 despite what the government advises.⇁1812Y0500823MXT☼On their second visit, the burglars were discovered and arrested in June 1972. Thus began the unraveling and revelation of numerous crimes, "dirty tricks" and official cover-ups known collectively as the Watergate scandal. Investigations and impeachment proceedings would push Nixon to resign in August 1974.⊕NLC453232T-180K-PF〓There will be no efforts to remove artifacts or human remains out of respect for the families of those who died, said a statement Saturday from the Sydney-based Silentworld Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to maritime archaeology and history. It took part in the mission together with Dutch deep-sea survey specialists Fugro and Australia's Defense Department.◙

△Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg alleges "an unconstitutional attempt to undermine" his investigation and is suing Jim Jordan, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for what he says are Jordan's attempts to influence an active New York state prosecution.■FGH40T65SHDF-F155♦"I did it only with the intention of just for self-education," he said. "And then, I shared it with a few friends in my WhatsApp group who said they themselves actually learned something from it."◎


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GRM033R61A152JA01D☣"It used to be that high-skilled workers would come up with a good answer and that would only help them and their customer," Brynjolfsson says. "Now that good answer gets amplified and used by people throughout the organization."↘2220Y0100334MXT↴"If lawyers start to get juries to demand all the bells and whistles to prove that a piece of evidence is not a fake...that is a way for lawyers and for their clients who are seeking to downplay or dismiss damning evidence against them to essentially run up the bills and make it more expensive, more time-consuming for the other side to get that damning piece of evidence admitted," she said.♕


➜Several police vehicles, armored trucks and ambulances responded to the scene. Hundreds of people, some with their hands raised, were evacuated from the area and police were seen directing them away from the mall.ⓔC0805C272JBGACAUTO↡MARGARET BRENNAN: But as you know, deportation is problematic to countries where the U.S. has strained relations like Venezuela and Cuba so even if you catch, you can't necessarily deport. So for Cuba and Venezuela, would you keep those Trump era sanctions on those countries which are already economically distressed? And some would say the sanctions make it even worse sending migrants here.∷1812Y1K20561GCR⇙Ocean was a headliner this weekend alongside Bad Bunny and BLACKPINK — forming one of the most diverse line-ups in the music festival's history.♩R6530ENZC17◤Still, Krishnakumar notes that in highly polarized times, elected officials are hunting for ways to score points with their supporters and one-up the opposing party.◎

◙At least three of the injured victims were sent to Grady Memorial Hospital and were in critical condition as of Wednesday evening, according to Dr. Robert Jansen, the hospital's chief of staff, who briefed the media Wednesday.☣VJ0603A681GXXPW1BC✐Fitch Ratings released new analysis on Tuesday suggesting the escalating political fight over the debt limit could have an impact.¤

◤The Shariah court has the constitutional mandate of examining and determining whether laws passed by Pakistan's parliament comply with Islamic doctrine.➧

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