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▨The crush of travelers starts Memorial Day weekend, with AAA forecasting that about 3.4 million Americans will be flying this Thursday through Monday.❂IPU60R3K4CEAKMA1↰Saudi Arabia's delegation, chaired by the kingdom's ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Jaber, met with Mahdi al-Mashat, head of the Houthi's supreme political council, which runs rebel-held areas in Yemen, according to the Houthi-run SABA news agency.☟C0603X103K1RACAUTO▪"For the little girls watching this, this stands for hard work," Wilson said, referencing her trophy. "If you're going to be a dreamer, you better be a do-er."←C0805C222G1GACTU¤Jessica Leeds, 81, said he grabbed her chest and ran his hand up her skirt on a 1979 airline flight. Natasha Stoynoff said he forcibly kissed her at his Florida mansion in 2005 as she worked on a story about his marriage for People magazine.☼

In a video announcement that mirrored his 2020 campaign themes, Biden billed himself as the person who can keep the government running in an age of hyperpartisanship and political disillusionment.↻1812J2000100FAT➸The Taliban have banned girls from going to school beyond the sixth grade and women from most public life and work. In December, they banned Afghan women from working at local and nongovernmental groups — a measure that at the time did not extend to U.N. offices.♦

◩McConnell called the request by Schumer to replace Feinstein on one committee "extremely unusual" and called Feinstein "a dear friend," a "Titanic figure" and a "stateswoman."☻

▫"I fully believe that [her bank] noticed signs," says Reynolds. "There are many withdrawals that came out of her account where we can't account for the money ... Like, I can see the withdrawals. I can see the bills not getting paid. So where did the money go?"➢


▧It was also likely to further strain ties with the United States, which has called on Saudi Arabia and other allies to increase production as it tries to bring prices down and squeeze Russia's finances.☁BZG03C68TR✥In recent days, 1,500 active-duty military troops have been deployed to the border as a backup for U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. They are joining roughly 24,000 law enforcement officers and 2,500 National Guard troops are already there.♀SIS106DN-T1-GE3▲In turn, our readerly patience is well-rewarded. Whether describing the spice craze sweeping across Europe, Kerala's breathtaking coastal views, the overpowering Madras evening breezes, or the lively Anglo-Indian enclaves, Verghese tends to the lyrical. But he writes with such singular detail and restrained precision that it is a pleasure to be swept along and immersed deeper. Even the characters who only appear for a few paragraphs leave lasting impressions because each is diagrammed as essential to the novel's anatomy. And Verghese does not miss any opportunity to inject humor, including about Malayali culture. For example: "Because if there's one thing Malayalis fear, it's missing out when there's reaping to be done."◊1N4729P/TR8ˍThe agency did not provide any information about the person who was detained, other than to say they were "not the intended role player."⊙

➷Meanwhile in Bowdoin, Denise Pride, 58, a neighbor, said one of the victims was famous for delivering baked goods to neighbors on holidays. "They were very kind people," Pride said. "The neighbors were texting, shocked that it happened, and to them."♬0805Y1005P60CFR▭In Ukraine, housing for people displaced by the war is scarce and inadequate. Most often, they are temporarily hosted in public facilities such as schools or kindergartens. Families like Olga's are often on their own to deal with their problems. As Ukraine struggles to fight a war of attrition against a stronger adversary, civilians displaced by the fighting feel they are low on the country's list of priorities. Internal refugees report to aid workers and journalists that when approaching authorities with their problems, they are often turned away and advised not to be selfish and to remember that soldiers on the front lines have it even worse.•


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C1210X339B4HACAUTO◦"Roughly one-quarter of the world's population lives in a basin with a drying lake," Yao said. "So the potential impact could be significant."○CDR31BX103AKUR-ZANAC↠Talk this week of "economic coercion" by China had drawn outraged rebukes from Beijing. Officials attending the talks in this port city reportedly had balked at overtly condemning China, given the huge stake most countries have in good relations with the rising power and No. 2 economy.◎


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