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♕It's not clear when nodding syndrome in its current form was first known to scientists; some researchers argue it was first described in Tanzania in the 1960s, and others as far back as Mexico in the 1930s. Still, assuming nodding syndrome is associated with O. volvulus, it may have been present as far back as the 1870s — when onchocerciasis, or river blindness, was first described by doctors.↣

▂MAKRIDIS: The idea that he would sort of withdraw or pull back from his WMD programs just wasn't in the cards. Of course, he's trying to keep those things because they create regime stability. It's his defense against the West. We won't mess with you if you have WMD.▒


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1808Y0630122KDR↔The 293 T. rex bones, assembled and erected into a growling 11.6-meter-long (38-foot-long) and 3.9-meter-high (12.8-foot-high) posture, are expected to fetch 5 million to 8 million Swiss francs ($5.6-$8.9 million) when it goes under the hammer at a Zurich auction house.➛2N5401RLRM▆In retrospect, the analysts should have crafted the language to clearly state the existence of analytic differences and the reason behind those differences rather than to settle on a weak judgment that Saddam might do something if he found himself in extremis.  Words like "might" and "if" get lost when policymakers read them. Policy officials likely saw this as the IC confirming the President's worst fears. We could and should have done better in writing these two paragraphs.☼


▩Federal authorities haven't acted to shut down any sites so far but haven't publicly supported them either. The Office of National Drug Control Policy declined to comment, given ongoing litigation in a related case in Philadelphia.✤CL31C271JBCNNNC☞But two new letters have since been added to the start of the acronym to form BE FAST. Public health professionals now recommend looking out for balance problems and trouble with the eyes like blurred or double vision. That required Hip Hop Public Health to create an entirely new track and accompanying animated video, which was posted on May 8 in honor of National Stroke Awareness Month.➧2220Y5000122KFR↜Hicks, the cyclist, told NBC News he wasn't aware of the viral Barstool tweet that featured his video — and had no issues with the original.↷C1206X154M5REC¤The sprawling case included 500,000 chat messages, video clips, podcasts and even a police riot shield. FBI special agents, police on the front lines on Jan. 6 and former members of the Proud Boys who pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors made up the bulk of the Justice Department witness list.↩

➭During a recent panel discussion with the news outlet Semafor, Licht described Lemon as a "lightning rod."➺C320C683G5G5TAぃThe first Barbie doll representing a person with Down syndrome was released by Mattel "to allow even more children to see themselves in Barbie," the company said.♧

➵More water stored underground means fewer flooded farms, and more water available to farmers like him during the next inevitable drought.卍

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