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↵Medeiros thinks that continued improvements in computer software and telescope hardware will result in the picture of the M87 black hole being refined more and more.↦1808Y2000154KXT♬According to Rogers, a fraction of the time, an individual will ask to connect with a real person or they'll ask a question the system doesn't recognize. They're then routed to an actual human being — "trained nurses who are able to respond and engage in a much more personal way," says Rogers. "So it's a mixture of automated and personal." All responses are vetted by health authorities and medical professionals.❖ER1537-66JR█And so the Murdochs decided to pay nearly $800 million to make the bleeding stop. Had they not done so, Rupert would have likely been subject to questioning in court. Network executives would have been forced to pick between testifying that they had no idea that their own reporters had debunked the Trump campaign's false claims of election fraud or that they knew but allowed stars to give them credibility in front of millions of viewers.SQCFVA0R7BAT1A\500のJerry Springer, a broadcaster, author, politician, journalist, actor, lawyer and host of a daytime show so outrageous he once apologized by saying it "ruined the culture," died today at age 79 in his suburban Chicago home after a brief illness, according to a statement from his family.▋

◪The accused man's killing could not be immediately confirmed, but videos in Palestinian media showed medics and residents gathered around his bloodied body in the Old City, where the Lion's Den holds sway. "Traitors have neither a country nor a people," Lion's Den commander Oday Azizi said in a statement.↬CCR05CJ5R6CP↔Netanyahu has also announced his government was calling up reserve forces for the country's largely paramilitary border force starting Sunday, in order to confront what he termed "terror attacks."↶

This practice is evident in Mutu's work, notes Crockett, who points to her video "The End of Carrying All" (2015). The camera follows a woman — again, played by Mutu — balancing a growing array of objects in a woven basket on her head through rocky terrain until she collapses and explodes into the earth. It's a reference to women's labor in Mutu's Kenyan culture, Crockett says, but because the basket is woven from palm fronds, it's also a bridge to other equatorial cultures throughout Africa, India and South America.→


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12065A681GAT2A◘Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin narrowly lost a bid to stay in power on Sunday as her party came up less than a percentage point short in a national election.♢2220Y1000224JDR▨I want to make two other points about CIA's work on the Iraq-terrorism link.♠

△Under those laws, individuals can no longer be turned away or deported without a screening for asylum claims. That means they'll enter the country and be placed in detention centers as they go through a process called expedited removal, which includes a credible fear interview. Those who are deemed to have valid claims will be allowed to stay in the country as their cases make their way through immigration court. Those who are not will be deported.↕


↔Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) said in a statement late Thursday that the balloon had been "detected" and that Canada was "taking steps to ensure the security of its airspace, including the monitoring of a potential second incident," but didn't elaborate on what that incident might be.◥0603J0100681JCT◊Immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born Asians to describe themselves using specific ethnic labels and are less likely to use some form of "American" when referring to their identities.↼SCRH127B-271➳Many of these concerns had to do with plans by some in Administration to remove from their positions any Iraqis who were members of Saddam's Baath Party – so called, de-Baathification.➹1206Y0630390FCR⇜COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A second autopsy was completed this weekend on the exhumed body of a teenager found dead nearly eight years ago on a South Carolina road, according to the family's lawyer, after the public attention surrounding Alex Murdaugh's murder trial boosted a mother's search for answers in the unsolved case.⇛

➪As NPR reporters have covered the twists and turns of the pandemic, they have talked to hundreds of people – local public health workers, long COVID patients and people who lost loved ones to COVID, among many others. NPR called several of the people interviewed over the past three years back this week to ask for their reflections and hear how the end of the public health emergency strikes them.∴1808J0250393KCTΘThe lockers — purple, green and yellow with name tags on the front: Sofiia, Daniel, Bohdan — are still filled with children's belongings: shoes, backpacks and a drawing of a snowman.▃


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