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CDR32BP111BKZMAT↷The top U.S. and Russian defense and military leaders spoke Wednesday about the destruction of the drone, underscoring the event's seriousness. The calls between U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Gen. Valery Gerasimov, chief of Russian General Staff, were the first since October.⇖0603Y0504P00DQT↜In Germany, more than 1,000 officers searched dozens of homes, offices and stores in the states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia, prosecutors said in a joint statement. Over 30 suspects who had outstanding warrants were arrested.↓


◄WOOD: Abu Musab al Zarqawi. He'd been a jihadist since the early nineties. He was involved in Al Qaeda's failed millennium plotting. Targeting hotels and landmarks in Amman. We described him as loosely affiliated with al Qaeda. he went to Afghanistan, tried to meet with bin Laden in 99, it never happened. What reporting we had from the detainees said that he that Zarqawi himself thought al Qaeda was too moderate and too much focused on the United States. And bin Laden's team thought that Zarqawi was a thug, maybe even a Jordanian intelligence plant , and way too extreme because he also believed that the Shia needed to be exterminated.↕LHL08NB330K☠Leading up to the vote, polls showed a tight race between Erdogan and his main challenger, Kemal Kilicdaroglu (pronounced KEH-lich-DAHR-OH-loo). Both are longtime politicians. But Erdogan, 69, is a combative — his supporters would say charismatic — populist. Kilicdaroglu, 74, offers a low-key style. He even records campaign videos from a kitchen table — a reminder of the poor economy and rising food prices.☞VJ0402Y222KXACW1BC✪Barrett, incredulous, shot back: "The employer has to wait until morale is so bad that employees actually quit?"◊C947U332MZWDBAWL45➹Macron's signature and publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic allowed the law to enter into force. The authorized changes will start being implemented in September, French government spokesperson Olivier Veran said.♥

♦When sisters Charlotte and Katie Manye found out they were going to England in 1891, they were overjoyed — "leaping and whirling ... in a dance of triumph" Katie Manye said of their journey.→GMC10CG110G50NT⊿A lawsuit filed in August 2022 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois alleges the provider networks for Centene's Ambetter plans "are simply false and are often just copies of physician directories from other sources."▱

☣GARY COHN: Well, you're right. Former chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, myself wrote an op ed where we talked about, look, you have to have a board that has qualifications. They have to understand banking. How can a board oversee a bank that they don't have qualifications and, yes, expand deposit insurance, but you could have tiered pricing. It could be one pricing for deposits below $250,000. And then you could have tiered pricing as your deposits go up and you want them insured, you- it will be more expensive to insure those deposits. But the key here is, Margaret, and this is very important, we need to keep deposits in the US banking system. It's imperative that we keep deposits in the US banking system because that's how we grow our economy by allowing banks to relend those deposits into consumers, to consume, to buy houses, to buy cars, to go to college. There is an alternative. There's a very important alternative that we talked about in our op ed. The alternative is US Treasury bonds or US Treasury bills. They pay a higher rate and they have a tax advantage to them. The horrible outcome would be if people take their money out of banks in the United States and put them into US Treasury obligations. That would have a dramatic impact on slowing down economic growth and slowing down the economy.♀


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C410C242K3G5TA❀Woods "made the cut" — meaning he played well enough in the first two rounds of the tournament to move on to the second half — for the 23rd consecutive time, tying the record for the most made cuts of all time with Fred Couples and Gary Player.▕FIRCH-2-B◣When asked later in the day about the idea, McCarthy said it was not brought up at the meeting, and he criticized the suggestion that Biden could unilaterally lift the debt ceiling using the 14th Amendment. "If you're the leader of the free world ... and you're going to go to the 14th Amendment," McCarthy said, "I would think you're kind of a failure of working with people across sides of the aisle or working within your own party to get something done."❥


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M39003/01-7188/TR⇜"All I can say is we do our best to take care of our horses. We treat them better than we treat our children. And we have full confidence in the soundness of our horse," Restrepo said. "We've been training here for two weeks, and he actually has been flourishing at this racetrack."↡1825SC472MATME➩NEW YORK — Salman Rushdie made an emotional and unexpected return to public life Thursday night, attending the annual gala of PEN America and giving the event's final speech as he accepted a special prize, the PEN Centenary Courage Award, just nine months being after being stabbed repeatedly and hospitalized.►


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