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✄Renner, a two-time Oscar nominee, told Diane Sawyer in an interview that aired that while he thought he might die from his injuries, he refused to be "haunted" by the accident.☠


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HC1210CG821J501↲"By participating in these horrors, California further perpetuated the harms African Americans faced, imbuing racial prejudice throughout society through segregation, public and private discrimination, and unequal disbursal of state and federal funding," the document says.▏1812J1K00561KXR↓A group of longtime Republican operatives is launching a super PAC supporting the expected presidential campaign of former Vice President Mike Pence.↕


↼This kind of populism was glaring in the 1960s and 1970s campaigns of George Wallace, the defiantly segregationist governor of Alabama who sought the Democratic nomination for president three times and also ran as the nominee of the American Independent Party.♭EFD18F❁In one case, Twitter users picked up a Reddit rumor that a missing Brown University student was the chief suspect. And the rumor was repeated, prima facie, by some journalists.▊C1210X100F8HAC7800☣On cross examination, Kenner also probed what DiCaprio knew about Low's legal status in the United States, telling the judge that is a "central theme of the prosecution" since foreign donations are barred in political campaigns here.⇂C317C752G3G5TA7301➤Only a small percentage of the sperm make it that far.⇂

✌Justice Roberts' wife made millions as recruiter. When Roberts was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice in 2005, his wife, Jane, stepped down from her work as a lawyer and became a legal recruiter, Business Insider reported last week. She made more than $10 million in commissions from top law firms who practice before the Supreme Court.♦HMK325B7684MNHT✄Information about the girl's name and nationality was not immediately available.◙


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C0805C102K5GACTU⇞Amnesty termed Mehraj's arrest "a travesty and yet another instance of the long-drawn repression of human rights." Kashmiri journalists have long been targeted by the Indian government.▩GJM0335C2A1R7WB01D♂Attorney Eric Bland, who is representing the family, said in a Sunday statement that this weekend was a "bittersweet" and "trying time." With the second autopsy completed and the investigation unfolding, Bland said Stephen can "really rest at ease."▆

☇Keyser says it's tough for writers in a gig economy. "One out of every four people who runs the television shows that everyone's obsessed with make the lowest amount of money the contract allows," he says. "On top of it, the residuals are insufficient. I've been in meetings the last few weeks where writers talked about the fact that while they're writing the television shows that you and everyone watch, they had to take second jobs in order to make ends meet."▧

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