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♡Perhaps equally significant, when the full appeals court declined to reconsider the panel's decision, there were four dissenters — all among the appeals court's most conservative members. They said that any subpoena right is an institutional right, not a right belonging to individual members of the House.↕


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T95X106M016LSSL∷After he finished singing those words, he spoke a few too, saying "and then words fall in" as he tried to teach the jury his method of creating music. He said he collaborated on the song with a co-writer, Amy Wadge, who wrote the opening chords.↘4470-46J↯An online petition to “help save” Paora, the nocturnal, flightless bird at Zoo Miami, garnered more than 10,000 signatures in two days this week. Video broadcast by New Zealand outlet 1 News showed the creature taken out of his enclosure and firmly patted as one of the zoo’s up-close animal encounters, which are offered for $23.36.↲


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2220J2500181JCT♟Mahdi, a doctor himself, said his organization was also trying to work with local Egyptian humanitarian organizations, as it may be easier for them to obtain the required permits to deliver aid to the border.➶IMC1812ER271K➵"While many countries in the world are even expanding nuclear power, Germany is doing the opposite," Soeder said. "We need every possible form of energy. Otherwise, we risk higher electricity prices and businesses moving away."◐


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HGTP6N40E1D↴When the grand bargain went bust, Obama turned to Biden, whom he had already tasked with holding dialogues with Republicans. One of his better contacts was McConnell, with whom he had served in the Senate through four six-year terms (1985-2009).↠1808J1K20220FCT☼Their stage, on a sunny Sunday last February, is St. Mark's Square. She and her male companion said that dressing up made them feel "one-hundred-precent Venetian."█

✿Since going public with her experience, the author says, she's heard from other marginalized writers and people in the publishing industry — largely people of color and queer people, she says — who have also had to make difficult choices about their work and how its presented.❥

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