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┱If this measure is approved and signed into law by Pennsylvania's Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro — who has signaled disapproval of supervised drug use sites — it could permanently derail that effort.▦


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250R05L430KV4T⇉The toll from floods and landslides in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has risen to 203 people dead as more bodies are recovered, an administrative official said Saturday.❐GQM2195C2A3R6BB01D⇇Rice then set out to capture that tree-wide vibration in the midst of a thunderstorm. "I was hunkered down and huddling, trying to stay out of the lightning. When those storms come through Pando, they're pretty big. They're pretty dramatic."の

☌The Department of Health and Human Services will propose an amended definition of "lawful presence" to include recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the White House said on Thursday.○

유In the hands of a less skilled writer, this could be a recipe for disaster. But Row weaves all the threads together masterfully; sections flow into one another in a way that's seamless. The switches in perspective and prose style are never jarring except when they need to be, and Row's use of language is surprising, at times, and unfailingly beautiful: "America is dead," he writes. "That isn't the right way to say it. The United States of America is dead. If I say it's dead to me, it is dead. If I say, mother country, I have no other, you are dead. The way the sunlight glows in the leaves of the red maple of the lawn: dead. The blue hill over the blue waters of the bay: dead. What thou loves remains: dead."↔


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1111J1500271KQT☂Rural communities have been losing population for decades making it harder for businesses to stay afloat, says Rial Carver, program leader for the Rural Grocery Initiative at Kansas State University.▌C0402C682J3REC7411▲LeBlanc feels the same way.•

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