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⇔Senate Democrats have broadly supported Feinstein's request to give her more time to recover. But without GOP support to replace her, there will likely be new pressure on Feinstein.▧


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2220J2000392FFT☎Jane Green again.↯VJ1206A102FXCAT▶The idea is, as people become more aware of how easy it is to fake audio and video, bad actors can weaponize that skepticism.◎


⇕Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Muhammad Shtayyeh called Ben-Gvir's visit to the Jerusalem holy site "a violation of all norms, values, international agreements and laws, and Israel's pledges to the American president," BBC News reported.▣AQ147A2R2BAJME\500➷Her campaign also relied more than any in history on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's financial support, so much so that Protasiewicz vowed to recuse herself from cases involving the state party once she takes office.♢1025-54G░Certainly, it's a big deal on CBS, which is currently marking the occasion with a 20+ hour live countdown of special moments from the show on TikTok; bits in CBS primetime tonight featuring Corden announcing the start of shows like Young Sheldon and Ghosts; a 10:00 p.m. primetime special built around his popular Carpool Karaoke segment/series and a final episode of the show at 12:37 a.m. featuring Harry Styles and Will Ferrell as his last guests."ღCDR32BP470BKZMAJ◇Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that would bring an economic catastrophe, destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs and potentially disrupting financial markets across the globe. No mention of the issue was made in the finance leaders' statement.ⓛ

➱Prominent venture capitalist Ron Conway, founder of the San Francisco-based investment firm SV Angel, tweeted Wednesday that Lee's loss was an immense tragedy.▊MGV10046R8M-10☃The Kremlin said no one was harmed and there was no material damage as a result of the falling fragments of destroyed drones.

○The National Weather Service predicts temperatures will increase by 5 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend, prompting melting snow to raise the water levels in the Merced River.✪


✲"I have found in my own reporting that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell really existed at the fringes, the far right fringes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," Sottile told member station Boise State Public Radio, "and that they ... kind of were able to meet because of this ecosystem of extremism that exists there."♠SR155C102JAATR1♦In its new report, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimated that people in the U.S. paid $1 billion in deferred interest on medical credit cards and other medical financing in just three years, from 2018 to 2020.♥JANTXV2N3419S☞The balloon was part of a large surveillance program that China has been conducting for several years, the Pentagon said. The U.S. says Chinese balloons have flown over dozens of countries across five continents in recent years, and it learned more about the balloon program after closely monitoring the one shot down near South Carolina.↾2220J0100103JCT☣In addition, the agency will continue to monitor genetic analyses of the virus, including among arriving international travelers, to spot any new, potentially worrisome variants.❃

☭But for streaming companies, licensing more content will only help fill gaps, Fortmueller added.↹2225J0500124FCR✪Local Lutheran pastor Dennis Hipenbecker was in the audience. He said he sees Kelly as "very moral, from what I know, though we don't know everything about a person." Hipenbecker said he believes Kelly would rule against expanding abortion rights in the state, something he said is vital.♘


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