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➝"This is a serious warning against the collusion and provocation between the 'Taiwan independence' separatist forces and external forces," said a PLA statement. The "Joint Sword" exercises "defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity."↗1206J0500220GCT◎That consortium, which included Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo, agreed to deposit $30 billion at First Republic.▐2220Y6300393KXT⊞In the audio, Republican Rep. Jason Zachary accused fellow Republican Jody Barrett, whose lone vote saved Johnson, of throwing the others under the bus.⇀1210Y0160563KCR↛The COVID vaccine rollout came with data reporting requirements – the government wanted to know how many vaccines were going into arms, as first and second doses; how many were being wasted; who was getting them, based on age, race and sex. "We started sharing data in real time, capturing the doses administered and sharing with CDC – something that had never been previously accomplished, enrolling hundreds of thousands of private providers," Hannan says.➛

★"She returns and circles back to things," says curator Vivian Crockett, who curated the show with Norton. "Her interest in hybridity, animal life, biological life, microbial life — it's striking to see the work together."↣1206J0630681GFR➥In an update, police said the suspect, identified only by his initials, K.K., called them from the school minutes after the violence was reported. They also said he apparently planned his actions well in advance, and had written a list of children he wanted to kill.✿


•The party anthem, which features the reggaeton singer Glory, was released as the lead single for Yankee's third studio album, Barrio Fino. It was the first reggaeton song to be nominated for record of the year at the 2005 Latin Grammys, where the album won the award for best urban music album.ⓔGA1206A332GBABR31G∴He dedicated the award to his children at home, saying they sacrifice a lot of time with him and his wife because of his career.▲KBU406G T0⇗As for never hearing a racial slur, Jones pointed out that just a few weeks prior, another Republican representative "recommended that we should bring back lynching." Jones was referring to Rep. Paul Sherell's comments that the death penalty should include "hanging by tree."♪VJ0805D221GXPAR▦Russia has accused Ukraine of targeting its domestic military sites and infrastructure.☀

☭But in the late 1960s, Douglas was pursued again by members of Congress upset with his lifestyle and cultural interests as well as his judicial rulings. One of his chief antagonists was a Republican congressman from Michigan named Gerald R. Ford, who would later be Nixon's vice president and then his successor.↔1N5544BUR-1◐Allegations of sexual misconduct loom large at NBCUniversal. In 2020, Vice Chairman Ron Meyer was pushed out after disclosing that he had paid hush money to an actress with whom he had had an affair.♥


☀And this kind of technology could play a crucial role in learning more about deep-sea environments in general, from undersea resources to geological features to unknown species.✿VJ0402D4R3BXXAC☇McAdory took issue with Maryland's Gun Safety Act of 2023, which was enacted on Tuesday. It states that a person is no longer allowed to carry a firearm in a school, health care facility or a place licensed to sell alcohol or cannabis such as a stadium, museum or racetrack.☂LHL10NB821K◦He stayed his own injunction for seven days to allow an appeals court to weigh in, allowing the drug to remain available in the meantime. The FDA requested an emergency stay of Kacsmaryk's decision, asking the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to weigh in by midday Thursday.⇃DCG010-TL-E•But it's not uncommon to see that version of Trump when he's under oath during depositions or in court proceedings.♛

◐"I follow your page and work and LOVE it," Scott wrote to the owner, according to the indictment. "Just out of curiosity, would you know anyone in the market for a fully in tact [sic], embalmed brain?"↴VJ0805Y272MXACW1BC◐"Manhattan is home to the country's most significant business market," Bragg said in a press release on the charges. "We cannot allow New York businesses to manipulate their records to cover up criminal conduct."◥

☂“If the nonpartisan CBO expected the resolution to work the way the Left is saying there would be a larger cost saving,” Foxx said. “CBO’s cost estimate did not include additional savings that would have accrued if this resolution required borrowers to make retroactive payments for the years of the repayment pause.”卐


▶Junta opponents, including the anti-coup "People's Defense Forces" (PDFs) and a shadow government dominated by lawmakers from Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD), had tried to seize "state power by means of unrest and violence," the council said.✄2220Y0630274KXR♛But that could change as soon as this Friday, when the preliminary injunction issued by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk is set to take effect.☢0819-30J▀Santos, who represents communities on Long Island and in Queens, previously gave up all committee assignments because of the scandals he faces.↹PMZB420UN,315⇁MARGARET BRENNAN: Doesn't that trickle down to customers and just make their costs go up if- if that kind of insurance extension happens?⊠

のThe Taliban's reputation for human rights violations and terrorism has isolated it on a global stage, contributing to the decline of the Afghan economy, triggering unemployment, poverty and widespread starvation.큐C901U300JVSDCA7317➣"I have found in my own reporting that Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell really existed at the fringes, the far right fringes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," Sottile told member station Boise State Public Radio, "and that they ... kind of were able to meet because of this ecosystem of extremism that exists there."↑

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