◦NPR spoke to Dr. Mohamed Eisa after his 11-hour journey. He shared his perspective of what life has been like — and of his friend, Dr. Bushra Sulieman, who like Eisa was a gastroenterologist.卍


☻When Sheeran testified, he repeatedly picked up a guitar resting behind him on the witness stand to demonstrate how he seamlessly creates "mashups" of songs during concerts to "spice it up a bit" for his sizeable crowds.➶GMC10CG3R0B100NTD↝Michael Rains, a former police officer and lawyer who represents some, but not all, of the officers, responded with a brief statement. "I understand this story is newsworthy on a number of fronts," he wrote, "including, from my perspective, whether the due process and privacy rights of officers were abandoned by the Court and District Attorney." But he added that he has advised his clients not to speak publicly, and is himself not granting interviews "at the present time."▢0805Y0500471FCT✿"The Justice Department recognizes the profound importance of reducing deaths in custody," the statement said. "Complete and accurate data are essential for drawing meaningful conclusions about factors that may contribute to unnecessary or premature deaths, and promising practices and policies that can reduce the number of deaths."▪CDR34BX273BKUSAR➟Bauer Food had two 10-year-olds cleaning the restaurant, manning the drive-thru window and preparing and sending out food orders, the DOL said. They sometimes worked until 2 a.m., and one was operating the deep fryer, a duty that is only allowed by employees age 16 and up.◤

✉Sununu said cable networks MSNBC and CNN were run by Democrats, and that Republicans should appear on their shows and own them.☢1210Y1000151JCT▥According to a transcript of the recording, Jennings appears to say that "back in the day" someone could take a "a damn Black guy and whoop their ass and throw him in the cell," he said.⇓


☪With roughly 99% of votes counted, the Pheu Thai party, the latest iteration of the populist political machine of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, is projected to have won 141 seats, while the progressive upstart Move Forward Party won 151 — propelled by voters like 38-year-old nurse Tidawan who voted in the northeastern city of Khon Kaen.▪5022-563H♚"I'm not very happy right now," Davis said, in his often-understated manner.⊕1812Y1K00221KFR◘In a case he took to the Supreme Court, Carhart filed a temporary restraining order in 1997 against Nebraska's attorney general to prevent the state's enforcement of a ban on what anti-abortion activists termed "partial-birth" abortion, a procedure usually performed in the second trimester. In June 2000, the Supreme Court ruled the ban unconstitutional, overturning the law in Nebraska and in 31 other states.▤CDR32BP101BFUPAJ▧So I decided, OK, so I'll take a dose of psychedelic. I took LSD.↷

↻Carpenter spent 11 months in jail, before all charges against him were dropped. The complaint alleges that one of the officers involved in Carpenter's arrest texted, "I'm only stopping them cuz they black." It alleges another wrote, "I sometimes just say people gave me a full confession when they didn't. gets filed easier."◀4922R-30K✄Many women say that the addiction grows worse from April 15 to June 15, during the state's 45-day ban on mechanized boats, used by fishermen, so breeding season is not interrupted. Even the seaweed gatherers stay home so as not to disturb the marine life. The state government gives each family about $60 to compensate for the loss of the men who fish. But a woman's income is not taken into account because a female labor force is largely invisible in a patriarchal country like India and a cash strapped state government battling a deficit can't likely afford more, says Mahendran.░


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2225Y0160105MXR⇃"A parent came up to me and said there's three dead kids in there, we know there's three dead kids, we saw it on social media," Kirch said. "They just kept insisting that the police chief was lying to them.⇘0603Y2501P20BUT✏One of my favorite books is Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain. I remind myself, as the book states, "The car goes where your eyes go." It's so important, especially as the news cycle is full of cruelty and suffering, for us to carefully choose what we read, listen to, pay attention to. The car, my brain, goes where my eyes go — so I need to keep looking at hopeful art and look for joy in the children I love and remind myself to keep watching for good things. I see more of them this way! -Naomi Krokowski, Berthoud, Colo.⇜

✪Pat Neal, 72, of Lincoln, was among those cheering the Nebraska vote Thursday. She, like others in attendance, expressed shock at the bill's failure.➶

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