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♕At least 520 protesters have been killed and 19,400 people have been arrested, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran, a group that has been monitoring the unrest. Iranian authorities have not provided official figures on deaths or arrests.큐


☾Selena Larson, an intelligence analyst with the cybersecurity firm ProofPoint, analyzed several links to SNBC13 and other sites. She described a very common phenomenon where the fake news sites mimic real sites in order to lure people into clicking on them in order to get ad revenue.✿CWR26HK336JBFA\HR↔Maybe the biggest development in this episode is that Kendall succumbs entirely to this world of nonsense. (If you want to imagine a word stronger than "nonsense" that I cannot use here, feel free.) He genuinely wanted to be a better person than his dad was. But here, he commits to a scheme of price-spiking that's dishonest, doomed in the long term, probably illegal, wacky in the extreme — and relatively likely to work in the short term precisely because of the irrational way this part of the marketplace works. It doesn't matter what's true, it only matters what people believe is true. Substance is nothing, appearances are everything.™TBJD106K025CBSB0945█"Of course, rumors about Corden acting in a crass manner off-screen don't help, culminating in a mini scandal of sorts last year, when the owner of a swanky New York restaurant, Balthazar, briefly banned the host amid allegations of ""abusive"" and ""extremely nasty"" behavior. Corden wound up delivering a lengthy apology on The Late Late Show to try and straighten it out.◐C325C824M1R5TA⊙Vapes are only legal with a prescription in Australia, but Butler said an "unregulated essentially illegal" black market has flourished in convenience stores, tobacconists and vape shops across the country.✎

↯Merchan was previously a family court judge, a New York assistant attorney general and an assistant district attorney for New York County.♩VS-42CTQ030SPBF⊞"I've had dreams, and frankly nightmares, over ensuring that in pursuit of this bill that we don't re-create the war on drugs from the crack cocaine days," Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford told The Associated Press after introducing one of the bills.▤


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C327C112J3G5TA◎Scott sent pictures of two brains and a heart. The man offered $1,200 via PayPal, and gave Scott pointers on how to ship the three organs to him in Enola, Penn., via the U.S. postal service.▨FA28C0G2A6R8DNU06☻"He was brave like a Ukrainian. He was stubborn like a Ukrainian," said Sanina, who is part of an influential artistic family in Ukraine. "He became a Ukrainian himself."☏

★"My patients should be able to receive the highest standard of care without stigma or judgment or judges with no medical training telling them the type of health care they can or cannot receive," Shenoy added.◦

◦The U.S. government declared Gershkovich "wrongfully detained" about a week ago, meaning a designated office within the U.S. State Department will lead efforts to secure his release.➮


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