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❄Commonwealth's Attorney James Hingeley did not say in the release how many people have been indicted and did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment on Tuesday. According to electronic court records, the indictments against three people have been unsealed, including William Zachary Smith, of Nacona, Texas; Tyler Bradley Dykes, of Bluffton, South Carolina; and Dallas Medina, of Ravenna, Ohio.のDMA964060R◎They said the Saudi-Houthi understandings include a six-month truce with a cessation of all military activities across Yemen. The Houthis have committed to coming to the table with other Yemeni parties to negotiate a political settlement to the conflict, they said. The United Nations is meant to facilitate the political negotiations, they added.▩CBR02C208B8GAC☚The assailant, a guard affiliated with the National Guard naval center in the port town of Aghir on Djerba, first killed a colleague with his service weapon before seizing ammunition and heading toward the Ghriba synagogue, the Tunisian Interior ministry said.▧VJ1812A220KCGAJ☭Around 400 protesters gathered outside Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok, some chanting slogans against the military and holding portraits of Suu Kyi.⇤

⏎In the central village of Sinajana, the door to 30-year-old Brianna Lujan and 25-year-old Branden Muna’s home almost flew off. They resorted to drilling the door shut to stay safe: Six wooden panels stapled the door to its frame. Floodwater still found its way in.✐D222M20Z5UH6UJ5R✲Israel's new far-right national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who has previously been convicted of inciting racism and supporting a terrorist group, visited the compound that is known by Jews as the Temple Mount and by Muslims as Al-Aqsa. He was surrounded by security guards.♛


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  3. ECJ-1VB1E104K
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C318C510FAG5TA◆A United Nations special envoy said Tuesday that military-run elections would "fuel greater violence, prolong the conflict and make the return to democracy and stability more difficult."•24221C█Natalia says that despite the danger at home, she can't imagine moving and living elsewhere. "I came back to Kharkiv for my children. It's important that children stay at home," she says. "And for me, I'm the person for whom it is really difficult to adjust."↳


✐A public school district in Flint, Michigan, has banned backpacks, citing safety concerns.↦C326C200J3G5TA7301ぃThe crafting of the treaty, which at times looked in jeopardy, represents "a historic and overwhelming success for international marine protection," said Steffi Lemke, Germany's environment minister.♚04025G472ZAT2A™Over the past few weeks, previous attempts to negotiate have been unsuccessful and the fighting only escalated. Fighting was reported on Friday in Khartoum, according to The Associated Press.✑1206J3002P40HQT☢The original 1986 theme for the game Super Mario Bros. has also been selected, in what's hard not to see as a clever cross-promotional move, right when a movie version is storming theaters.➹

▣Researchers say the single-drug approach is slightly less effective and can be more painful for patients, but misoprostol alone is endorsed by the World Health Organization as an effective option.▨MA0805XR184K100⊕"We're here to express a certain kind of rebellion against everything that currently surrounds us, but primarily the violence that occurred in the last ... days, and that is all around us in the past years," Belgrade resident Nevena Matic said.▭

♠David Martin, Eleanor Watson and Margaret Brennan contributed reporting.▧


♂Seven women and three men – all from the same family – were fatally shot outside the South African city of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, police said on Friday. The youngest victim was a 13-year-old boy.❤C320C759D3G5TA✣For their part, the analysts at Energy shared all of CIA's judgments, including the nuclear weapons judgment. They too believed Iraq was reconstituting its nuclear weapons program. Their only issue was that they did not believe one of the pieces of data that everyone else saw as supporting the nuclear weapons narrative.▏C0603X130M5HACAUTO◊Yellowface is about a young white author who steals the manuscript of her dead Asian friend, finishes it, and publishes it as her own. Throughout the novel, Juniper "June" Hayward, publishing as Juniper Song, works to maintain the lie that her first big hit novel The Last Front, a story about Chinese workers in the British Army during WWI, is indeed her work and her work only. "That's been the key to staying sane throughout all of this: holding the line, maintaining my innocence. In the face of it all, I've never once cracked, never admitted the theft to anyone. By now, I mostly believe the lie myself," June tries to convince herself more than halfway through the novel. Not only does she face accusations of theft and plagiarism, but the optics of a white woman possibly profiting off the work of an Asian woman also create a platform for accusations of racism and "yellowface."▄1812R-472G▶Handing over established accounts to third parties poses a serious risk of impersonation and could imperil a company's reputation, said social media experts.유

✉"If the debt ceiling isn't raised, there will be hard choices to make about what bills go unpaid," she told NBC's Meet the Press.↿1206J0250121JFT●Dudnik understands the enormity of his task. His building has gaping holes, burnt wiring, no water or electricity. Kharkiv's mayor says that Russian attacks have destroyed more than 6,000 buildings in the city, including many residential high-rises, and that local and national authorities have only managed to restore 200.☆


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