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•Entertainment industry turmoil☃1812Y0500684JDR☟During a press conference on Tuesday announcing the effort, one of the bill's sponsors, State Sen. Karen Keiser, said she's concerned about the power of judges to make decisions affecting patients even in states where abortion remains legal.✲HV2220Y152KXVATHV▶Despite all the obstacles, Bausch says he's "excited" by several recent scientific developments in the field of diagnostics.⇨TMK107SD392KA-T▥The Writers Guild of America is on strike, and a vital part of the entertainment industry could be in for a long work stoppage.◥

⇟"Those five police officers murdered my son. They beat him to death. And they need to be held accountable along with everyone else that has something to do with my son's murder," she added.⇙1210Y0250334MDT◈The end to America's public health emergency declaration comes on the heels of the World Health Organization making the same determination last week.■


In a brief press conference, the sheriff declined to answer questions about the precise location of the bodies, details about weapons or the manner of death.⇀0603J0500221FQT┲Already, there are problems.☻GRM155R61A104KA01J✿Indivior said it is still considering what to charge for its drug. It will compete in the same market as naloxone, where most buyers are local governments and community groups that distribute to first responders and those at risk of overdose. Indivior has told investors that Opvee could eventually generate annual sales between $150 million to $250 million.⇎C0603C629C4HAC7867↠McIlwain is no Pollyanna, though, and Sidle Creek includes stories of community failure and violence a well. In "Where Lottie Lived," the titular Lottie lets her house, the site of horrors from her childhood, crumble around her even as neighbors come sniffing around about buying the property. In "Eminent Domain," a woman recognizes she will have to leave if she wants to "be anything that ain't a few steps away from crazy." In the background of many of the stories are hints of broader issues within the region — mines closing, workplace injuries, a lack of easily accessible medical care — but these realities aren't at the center of characters' lives.∷

【"We have to assume that we could not complete the landing on the lunar surface," said Takeshi Hakamada, founder and CEO of the company, ispace.▆C0603X122K3JAC7867のWyden, D-Ore., in an April 24 letter requested Crow turn over tax information, and last week asked Crow to detail the Thomas gifts. Crow did not meet a May 8 deadline to turn over information, a committee aide said.▣


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VJ1206A270GXACW1BC➚The fire broke out at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday local time at Beijing's Changfeng Hospital. Multiple videos of the fire on social media show smoke billowing out of the white, multistory hospital. Desperate people trapped in the building climbed out of the hospital's windows into air conditioning units and lowered themselves down on bedsheets.➢C0603C629J3GACTU☼SEOUL — Japanese authorities evacuated Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to safety after an explosion was heard at a port where he was due to give a stump speech.☪

❏"Departure options for U.S. citizens have included seats on partner country flights, partner country and international organization convoys, U.S. government organized convoys, and departure via sea as well," Miller added.♔


☾Status: Signed into law; when it will go into effect remains unclear↔SD25-331-R✦"There's a strong foundation for Bolsonarismo, as they're calling it, to have a second life across the coming years," McKinley said.☢BZX84W-C30F✙"I just feel like I'm not being helped. He's taking the vote for granted," as one Howard student put it to The New York Times on Saturday.◘1206Y1K51P00BCR♡That could all change as voters Tuesday decide one seat on Wisconsin's high court in the most expensive state supreme court race in United States history.♔

▪Malawi's neighbor Zambia has also reported cases, according to the WHO. As have Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Somalia.☼1210Y1K50472MXR▒CANBERRA, Australia — A 95-year-old Australian woman died Wednesday, a week after a police officer shot her with a stun gun in a nursing home as she moved toward him using a walker and carrying a steak knife, in a tragedy that has outraged many Australians.◣

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