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⇉Groups representing nurses and hospitals argue that such laws address the daily reality of aggressive or agitated patients who sometimes become violent. Still, such interventions are relatively new. Critics worry that establishing hospital police forces will escalate violence in health care settings and could have unintended effects.☀06033A390GAT2A♡In the case with its treadmill, Peloton received more than 150 reports of incidents involving people, pets or objects getting injured or killed by the time the company reported the problems to regulators.↠1808J2K00100JCR↔Guns rights activists criticized the law. The National Rifle Association described the legislation as "unconstitutional" and sued the state.➸FJX3906TF♣At the request of the trade body defending the interests of houses and growers of the northeastern French sparkling wine, Belgian customs crushed more than 2,000 cans of Miller High Life advertised as such.◆

◄In one case, Twitter users picked up a Reddit rumor that a missing Brown University student was the chief suspect. And the rumor was repeated, prima facie, by some journalists.큐1206J0630100FFR▦Snowden was charged with stealing government property and, like Manning and Ellsberg, for violating the Espionage Act. He left the country in 2013 under the sponsorship of Assange, intending to go to Ecuador. En route, however, he received temporary asylum in Russia and found it difficult to leave without being arrested in another country. He has been in Russia since, and was granted Russian citizenship in 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to consider any extradition orders for Snowden.✿


▭PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An early heat wave took hold Saturday in parts of the Pacific Northwest, with temperatures nearing or breaking records in some areas and heat advisories in place through Monday.➪C333C223K2G5TA7301█Basketball veteran Carmelo Anthony is retiring from the NBA after playing 19 seasons, making 10 All-Star teams and becoming the No. 9 all-time scorer in the league, he announced Monday.▱BAR 14-1 E6327▧NPR also covers the news free of any government influence — something that should mean it does not receive state-affiliated labeling, according to Twitter's own rules.▪1210J0630182GCR✦For several hours after the polls closed Sunday, Erdogan's lead was well above the 50% he needed for a first-round win, but as the evening wore on and votes came in from Turkey's larger cities, Kilicdaroglu closed to within five percentage points.⇙

╬Parts of a documentary about Hutchins' life will be filmed simultaneously with "Rust."◎2220Y0630273JDR☺Senate Bill 673, introduced last week, would create the "Ebony Alert" system for missing Black children and young women. When activated, the proposed system – similar to Amber or Silver alerts — would inform people of missing Black children and young women.☄


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1111Y2507P50BQT☻MARGARET BRENNAN:▁1825J1K50470KCT¤President Joe Biden and his wife Jill made about $30,000 less in 2022 than in the president's first year in office, according to tax returns released today. In total, they earned $579,514 last year, with most of their income coming from the president's standard $400,000 salary.↕


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C1210V104KCRACTUClinton said, "I loved Tina Turner and will never forget meeting her when she came to Little Rock for a concert after releasing Private Dancer in 1984. We met again on her 67th birthday in St. Petersburg, where she and Elton John sang for a charity event. She still had it — talent, style, energy, and authenticity — a priceless gift to music lovers everywhere. May she rest in peace."❤1N4003GHR1G☀GARY COHN: Margaret, most likely that will be the scenario. At the end of the day the banks that are most qualified and have the most secure and soundest balance sheets they can afford to absorb some of these larger regional banks are the largest banks in America, which in an ironic way is the last thing that the regulatory community and Congress wants to see. But that probably will be the likely outcome.☢


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C410C473M5U5TA7200✏Irby also never met a list she didn't like. As if both a parody and a celebration of the overabundance of cheap, list-based online content, she sprinkles lists throughout the book with a giddy cataloging of facts, likes, and items that haven't been seen since the heyday of Gen-X lit. In "Shit Happens," it's a litany of bizarro (and, of course, gross) bathroom etiquette tips; in "We Used to Get Dressed Up to Go to Red Lobster," it's an inventory of fast-casual dining chains and how they lodge themselves in our souls as well as our colons. These lists not only serve to break up the text into fun-sized bites, they also offer a peek into the psyche of a compulsive chronicler of culture. It's only after laughing along with her for a few dozen pages that the eerie emptiness of our disposable world creeps in.☀2220Y0500152GCR☂"It will be the first time something like this is happening on social media and with real time questions and answers," Musk said. "Not scripted. So it's going to be live and let 'er rip. Let's see what happens."↖


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