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ºScholz did not respond when asked about the Leopard 2 tanks Sunday, but stressed that his country already has made sizable military contributions to Ukraine.ˍGMC21CG621J50NTD◥In another effort, farmers like the Mestas are taxing themselves to draw water from their own irrigation wells. And Simpson, of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, recently secured $30 million in federal money to support water conservation. The plan includes paying farmers $3,000 per acre-foot of water to permanently retire their irrigation wells.◆DSEI 2X61-02A♧A passenger on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship went overboard during a trip from Australia to Hawaii, a company spokesperson confirmed Wednesday to CBS News.☼C1210C430J4HAC7800☈The U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday it will end its search for a man who reportedly fell overboard on a cruise ship traveling in the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii.➩

유Montz did not say how many insurers have fallen short, but the December report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office noted that CMS found the majority of insurance companies whose medical or dental plans were reviewed by federal regulators in August failed to meet network adequacy standards. CMS told the GAO that all plans eventually satisfied the requirements or provided "an acceptable justification as to why they were unable to meet the standards."▁0805Y1000182JXT➳"There's just this distrust of government right now," Kirch said in an interview with NPR. "I was surprised, many people still believe that three dead kids left that school that day, even though there's no proof of that."➬


◈The indictment does not name the buyer, but separate state charges connect the case to Pennsylvania resident Jeremy Lee Pauley, age 40.♥TWAE687M050SBSZ0700⇗London — Protesters painted a giant Ukrainian flag on the road right in front of Russia's embassy in London on Thursday, hours before the one-year mark of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The activists poured yellow and blue paint on the busy road in west London's Kensington neighborhood and then spread it out with brushes to mimic Ukraine's flag.✐C326C151F3G5TA7301◆NAKHLEH: My name is Emile Nakhleh.☪2N6491 PBFREE❣It was supposed to be a historic moment for Twitter: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would smoothly kick off his presidential candidacy on the social media platform.の

√Francis had previously met with Zelenskyy in 2020. At the end of April, flying back to Rome from a trip to Hungary, Francis told reporters on the plane that the Vatican was involved in a behind-the-scene peace mission but gave no details. Neither Russia nor Ukraine has confirmed such an initiative.➘HC1206YV333M201▒Models involved in the BMW recall include the 2000 through 2006 3 Series, the 2000 through 2003 5 Series and the 2000 through 2004 X5. All have driver's front air bag inflators made by Takata.☠


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GA1210A182GXCAR31G⇈Prominent venture capitalist Ron Conway, founder of the San Francisco-based investment firm SV Angel, tweeted Wednesday that Lee's loss was an immense tragedy.▱C336C224J5G5TA7301☠Around 70 homes and other buildings were destroyed and more than 520 residents evacuated to facilities that included an ice-skating arena and a middle school gym. There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths.☂

☼The first koalas were caught and vaccinated in March, and the effort is expected to last about three months.♂

➦This is also a short month for lawmakers to try to address the issue. Both the Senate and the House have separate recess weeks planned.〓


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