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▩During the hearing, Democrats frequently pointed to data from the NYPD that show a drop in violent crimes in New York City each month this year.✚HQCEMM7R5BAH6A«"Historically, we know that feral cats were responsible for the extinction of six bird species and are leading agents of decline in populations of birds, bats, frogs and lizards," Blackie said.▌BCM857BS/ZLX✐The commander-in-chief of Ukraine's armed forces, Valery Zaluzhny, said Ukraine managed to shoot down 21 incoming cruise missiles out of a total of 23, with the remaining two hitting Uman and Dnipro.Θ1210J0250392GFT▽House Republicans also spotlighted payments from Chinese energy company, CEFC China Energy, to another entity that later made payments to Biden family members.♧

⇁Because of increased demand for abortions, some clinics are having to put patients with less urgent needs — like those seeking contraceptives — temporarily on hold, sometimes leading to a 28-day wait, Mansanares said.☠MMSZ4713-G3-18↙In this survey, before his official announcement, just 41% said they approve of the job he's doing, 50% disapprove. That's similar to where it's been since the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2021.✲


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MIL1330-82K➲The CPSC says the new imagery is one step in that direction — and there's more to come.DRS306K▒Before the pandemic, about one in three school districts in the U.S. were already serving free meals to all students through community eligibility. FitzSimons says this proposal could motivate more schools to opt in.✄


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IRF7416TRPBF◘They identified the critically injured cheerleader as Payton Washington, who they described as an "icon" of the all-star cheerleading world.⇆CM400DY-12NF☏Authorities describe him as 6 feet, 2 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes, weighing about 225 pounds, according to member station WFAE.↽


❥The lawyers met as the anti-vaccine movement is at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic brought in new energy and supporters but is fading from public life. On May 11, the federal government's public health emergency will expire. To keep the cause alive, some in the movement are trying to build up a legal arm.♧C0603C129B1HACAUTO➬Thomas and boarding school tuition. On Thursday, ProPublica reported that Crow paid private school tuition for Thomas's grandnephew, whom the justice had legal custody over. Crow also paid for tuition at a second school as well, ProPublica reported. Thomas did not respond to the report, but after it was published, his friend, Mark Paoletta, and lawyer to Thomas' wife, acknowledged the payments on Twitter, saying Crow paid for one year at each. He did not give a total amount but, ProPublica says that based on the tuition rates at the time, the two years would amount to roughly $100,000. In the statement, Paoletta said Thomas did not have to report the payments because the boy was not a "dependent child" as defined in the disclosure law.☞C316C820J3G5TA7301▨The idea has been raised repeatedly over the years. Recently, Harvard's Laurence Tribe — a former adviser to Biden — said he thinks it would be a legitimate way to solve the problem.✌MBRS140TR♦For hip-hop artist DMC, these hip-hop songs transform what might otherwise be ignored or disregarded into something that matters. "We make the good and necessary things cool," he says. "For instance, we can make going to get a colon checkup cool."➼

❐This all comes after public outrage over officials' perceived delay in identifying and pressing charges against the person responsible for the teen's shooting. Though Lester was taken into custody shortly after the shooting, he was released the next day. In the aftermath, officials remained largely tight-lipped on the case.✡M39003/01-7088H↙Test makers have also been developing ever more sophisticated "molecular multiplex assays" – essentially tests for multiple viruses bundled into a single diagnostic.☎


▒Cardiomyopathy refers to a range of problems with the heart muscle that make it more difficult to pump blood, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. It can cause heart failure and heart attacks.➱HZU12B2TRF-E→Carlson is also the focus of an ongoing federal lawsuit in the Southern District of New York filed by one of his former senior producers. She alleges a workplace rife with bigotry, anti-Semitism and sexism. (Carlson tells NPR he knows nothing about her. Fox says her accusations are meritless.)⇘C0805C820J2GACTU♣But officers soon started getting information that children were inside, The Post review found.▣C917U220JZNDCA7317░It was the fall of 1972, and Price was attending a reunion for a summer program he'd taken part in a few months before. He remembers standing outside at the end of the day, catching up with friends. Eventually, everyone said their goodbyes — leaving Price standing by himself.➚

♔Jeremy Fogel, a former federal judge who served as chairman of the financial disclosure committee of the U.S. Judicial Conference, indicated a need for the court to have some internal mechanism for checking ethical obligations. Ethical questions in the current system, he said, are "kind of a black box."▲592D686X9010B2T20H⇔Sheeran later addressed reporters outside of the courthouse.✯


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