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T7H8027504DN⇙"Future Hall of Famer!!" his former Olympic and Rockets teammate Chris Paul tweeted.▬C2012NP02A102J060AA★Kishida was in the city of Wakayama, stumping for a candidate in upcoming by-elections. Public broadcaster NHK reported that an object was thrown and there was an explosion and white smoke. NHK reported that the detained suspect was a 24-year-old man from the city of Kawanishi.↻


➚In a written statement, agency officials said they were working with law enforcement and state officials to overcome barriers to full and accurate reporting.➱1812Y2000123FFTღA similar model of artist development achieved considerable success in Japan, with the most prominent example being NiziU.↝1008R-561H✲Coronado is heard on a body camera saying: “Oh no, oh no.” But the available body-camera footage does not show him relaying this information to anyone else. Unbeknown to Coronado, his 10-year-old cousin, Xavier Lopez, was inside, struggling to stay alive from multiple gunshot wounds.▒CKC21X563KCGAC7210▨"There are open issues that need to be resolved, especially for AAUP-BHSNJ, and we won't leave our colleagues at RBHS behind. They have been with us all the way. However, the framework shows the vital progress we have made on the core issues we prioritized during this contract campaign," the unions said in the announcement.❤

﹌Prosecutor Conor Mulroe played audio from officers under siege on Jan. 6, 2021, as the landmark seditious conspiracy case in the federal courthouse down the street from the Capitol inched toward a conclusion.⇐1210Y5000272JAT◇Guatemala's Conred disaster center said the volcano named Fuego, Spanish for "fire," was sending out "pyroclastic flows" — a high-temperature mix of gas, ash and rock fragments "which descend with great speed down the flanks of the volcanic complex."①


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R6031022PSYA▫The exodus began with American special operations forces swooping in and out of Khartoum in helicopters early Sunday to evacuate U.S. Embassy personnel.➨IMC0603ERR22J01☼Those are some of the tamer texts released.▌


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GA1206A5R6CBABR31G▧Photos released by North Korean state media showed the missile to be a previously unknown type of solid-fueled missile, which it described as the Hwasong-18. The photos show the missile lifting off as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches on with his young daughter. Experts have geolocated the launch site to a field near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.♦VJ1825A221JBEAT4XぃFrom taking in millions of Syrian refugees to taking sides in civil wars in Libya and Syria, and siding with Azerbaijan against Armenia, Turkey has shown it has leverage in many of the world's hot spots in the last 20 years. It's a NATO member and helped arm Ukraine, while it also helped broker last year's deal to keep grain and fertilizer shipping out of the Black Sea, despite Russia's invasion.✯


⏎Any time Trump has had his back against the wall, he's resorted to a familiar script:❤1210R-039K➣Five people were killed in the shooting, including an 8-year-old boy. Capers said a vigil was planned Sunday evening for the boy, who has been identified as Daniel Enrique Laso Guzman.▒VJ1812Y472JBFAT4X♩As Donald Trump was in New York for a date with legal jeopardy, a judge in Los Angeles quietly granted him a substantial legal victory.➶ECJ-2VC1H391J▣Taxpayers can always question or appeal what they owe, according to the IRS. Caller ID can be faked, so don't think it's real just because the caller ID says IRS, Brown says.⇈

↼Federal law has long banned discrimination based on national origin, with the Justice Department saying "people cannot be denied equal opportunity because they or their family are from another country." What the banks' credit card rejections often cite is a lack of "revolving trades." Translation: no credit history.♖C1206X561G5HACAUTO↔This otherness gives him a unique perspective on all the sociopolitical goings-on but often puts him in the most precarious position with whites, Blacks, and Native Americans. So his journey to adulthood is filled with adventures and tragedies, gains and losses, love and longing. Eventually, he manipulates his way into his dream physician apprentice job. But, as he soon learns, this brings even more complications at a time when people resist or lash out against the unknowns of science and medicine.♭

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