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□Not taking those other options led to self-reproach. For years, Chung couldn't afford to help her parents financially; worse, she could "barely afford to visit them." Her situation is not uncommon, as she points out in one of the book's sharpest passages: "In this country, unless you attain extraordinary wealth, you will likely be unable to help your loved ones in all the ways you'd hoped. You will learn to live with the specific, hollow guilt of those who leave hardship behind, yet are unable to bring anyone else with them."▦1812J1K50151JCT◤"It don't make the hurt any easier. But we are relieved that they (the suspects) are not out in the community," Amy Jackson said in a phone interview Wednesday morning. Alexis Dowdell's birthday party was being held at a dance studio just off the town square. Witnesses said multiple people began shooting some time after her mother paused the celebration to ask people with guns to leave.▔MM3Z20VST1G۰But with the debt ceiling deadline looming, Biden decided to cancel the second half of his trip.☄IMC1812ER330J➳"If this is a sign of things to come on Twitter, we might soon see even more of a rapid retreat by media organizations and other brands that don't think it's worth the risk," said Emily Bell, a professor at Columbia Journalism School who studies social media. "It's really an extraordinary threat to make."■

【The 39-year-old quarterback had been vocal for some time about his frustrations playing for the Packers, saying he should have been more involved in the direction of the team. And he explicitly talked about his plans to move to the Jets.✐FG26X7R1H335KRT06☪They argue in the lawsuit that the drag performances are appropriate for children and that there is "no lewd activity, sexually explicit shows, disorderly conduct, public exposure, obscene exhibition, or anything inappropriate for a child to see."◇

↡Tina Turner, a soul and rock powerhouse known for her octave-defying voice and mesmerizing stage moves, has died at the age of 83.▶


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JANTXV1N3822A-1▏A ProPublica investigation found that Cleveland Clinic's private police force disproportionately charges and cites Black people. And in March, a video emerged showing police and hospital staff members in Virginia holding down a patient who was experiencing a mental health crisis, leading to his death. In 23% of emergency department shootings from 2000 to 2011, the perpetrator took a gun from a security officer, according to a Johns Hopkins University study. The November CMS memo noted several hospital incidents involving police in which the agency cited the facility for failing to provide a safe environment.❃THJC476K010RJN⇊Disney said Moana grossed almost $644 million at the box office globally and was nominated for an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe. Its soundtrack won a Grammy and Billboard Music Award.▌


✄Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that children under 16 were still working in tobacco more than a year after major industry players announced they would prohibit hiring workers younger than that age.➧2SC5226A-5-TL-E♨A relative to the family shot on the highway, Ian Halsey of Bowdoinham, said that two of his cousins were shot and that his uncle suffered shrapnel injuries. None of the family knew the shooter, he said.↟1808J2000333JDR➵It was a little after 11 p.m. as Towarnicki headed home, an early night. She knew her phone could go off again.⊞0603YD334MAT4A✍Locals say the hippos sometimes come out of the water and walk through the streets of the town. When that happens, traffic stops and people keep out of their way.❑

➸House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden will meet in person Monday to continue discussions over the debt limit, as the U.S. quickly approaches the date at which it may no longer be able to pay its bills.✥NTE5027SM⇗Just as calm appeared to return to Israel's borders, prompting the military to allow residents of the south to leave bomb shelters, a Palestinian driving in the Jordan Valley allegedly opened fire on a car of three women, killing two of them. Medics said they dragged the unconscious women out of their destroyed car and declared two dead at the scene, where a Palestinian car also appeared to be smashed on the side of the highway. The Israeli military said it was searching for the attacker, who had fled the area. No Palestinian group immediately claimed responsibliity for the shooting.↔


❄"I'm never going overseas to play again unless I'm representing my country at the Olympics," she said on Thursday, as part of her first press conference since she was released in December. "You know, if I make that team, that would be the only time I would leave the U.S. soil."☜0805Y0250391KCT¤WWE had more than 7.5 billion digital and social media views in January and February of this year, up 15% from the same time frame a year ago.❄2220J0100332JCR❤Two Minneapolis residents will receive about $9 million from the city after they said Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who killed George Floyd by kneeling his knee on his neck in 2020, used a similar maneuver on them in 2017.◨1808J6300180JCR☢Propelled by her newfound passion for bringing her ancestors and their stolen possessions home, Perry digs into her internship with gusto. But when her sense of duty to her ancestors sings louder than her respect for rules and process, she begins to engage in activities that may get her into deeper trouble than she could have imagined. For Sugar Island has its monsters — Perry's Auntie Daunis knows this all too well — and at least one of them is intent on stealing the lives of living Anishinaabe women as well as their dead. Perry will need the combined power of her family, her community, and her ancestors to bring justice to bear.ぃ

▄Manfredonia was a senior studying finance and mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut when he "just flipped," according to his arrest warrant, and fatally struck 62-year-old Theodore DeMers with a sword on May 22, 2020, outside the man's home in Willington, Conn.☚1812J1K20122GCR◘Some consumer advocates in Italy have accused pasta producers of raising prices to boost their profits.卍


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