1825Y2500153GCT Specifications

♀On Tuesday, the junta-stacked National Defense and Security Council met to discuss the state of the nation and concluded it had "not returned to normalcy yet."▥


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2225Y2000274MXR◐Palestinian prisoners have for years gone on lengthy hunger strikes to protest their detentions and to seek concessions from Israel. The tactic has become a last recourse for resistance against what Palestinians see as unjust incarcerations. The prisoners often become dangerously ill by refusing food but deaths are rare.↙1808Y1000473KXT❣"It's not the damage to the school that I mourn," Yana Tsyhanenko, the head of school, said that day as she surveyed the damage, the glass crunching under her feet. "It's the destruction of childhood."◊

↼"My goal is to expose every single one of these a**holes," Kirsch told the audience, to uproarious applause.❣


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GA1206H562KXXBT31G▀Just before Charles sets off in the Gold State Coach for a procession on the streets of London, the leaders and representatives of faith communities will deliver a greeting in unison. The greeting won't be amplified out of respect for those who are observing the Jewish sabbath and are barred from using electrical devices, Lambeth Palace said.♀C1206X223M1REC↴Myanmar's military information office said the storm had damaged houses, electrical transformers, cell phone towers, boats and lampposts in Sittwe, Kyaukpyu, and Gwa townships. It said the storm also tore roofs off of sport buildings on the Coco Islands, about 425 kilometers (264 miles) southwest of the country's largest city, Yangon.☭


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ATCA-06-221M-H☾"Officers are in the area to help ease growing concerns between students and parents alike," the department said in a statement.↔1210J2000122GAR◇Each check was processed by the Trump Organization and disguised as a monthly payment for legal services under a retainer agreement, prosecutors say. "In truth, there was no retainer agreement," reads a statement of fact that accompanied the charges.↕

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