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◆"That is everything you need to know about the terror state and its army," he wrote.○CDR33BP152BFWPAT⇅The National Accountability Bureau has detained and investigated former officials, including former prime ministers, politicians and retired military officers. But some view it as a tool used by those in power, especially the military, to crack down on political opponents. When Khan was in power, his government arrested Shahbaz Sharif, then the opposition leader, through the bureau. Sharif faced multiple corruption cases when he ousted Khan, and the charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.☻SE30AFJ-M3/6A☼"This entire community, this culture, was built around irrigated agriculture," says state Sen. Cleave Simpson of Alamosa, a Republican and a fourth-generation farmer. But since 2002, the valley's unconfined aquifer has lost 1 million acre-feet of water — or enough to cover 1 million acres of land in water 1 foot deep — due to persistent drought and overuse. Now the communities in the valley face a deadline to replenish the aquifer, or face a state shutdown of hundreds of irrigation wells.♦C1206C473J3GAC7800✍He said he would not rule out a short-term extension of the debt limit, but said "I think it should be for more than a year so we can move things along." He also said he was willing to "take a hard look" at giving up some unspent COVID-19 funding that Congress had appropriated. "We don't need it all," he said.⇐

☇"You can actually outrun them — especially if you're motivated — when you're being stung," he said. "You cannot play dead and escape bees. That's actually the worst thing to do."◥1210Y5000681METHis father's editorials about social and economic intolerance earned him a national reputation and undying enmity and threats from white supremacists. He also won the Pulitzer Prize, in 1946, for a series of editorials critical of U.S. treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.↯

➚A study published last month in The Gerontologist looks at how well our sexual expectations match up with reality over time.↵


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NSV1C301ET4G☼The bill lays out guidelines and considerations for if and when an Ebony Alert should be issued in cases in which authorities believe the alert would help in their investigation.◈1330R-10J♔"I'm typically a very compromising person," the Oakland, Calif.-based author, who is Asian American, told NPR. "But when you omit the word racism from a story about the mass incarceration of a single group of people based on their race, there's no compromise to be had with that if you can't agree on basic facts."◈


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ACEFC304-HF➨In response to the killing, Nortz and other advocates for the homeless place direct blame on the city's policies and rhetoric surrounding people experiencing homelessness. They say the policies criminalize people living on the streets, many of whom experience mental illness.♭2220J1000105MDR♨The instructor deals with his own disability. His sight is deteriorating, and full blindness is imminent. He faces a life lived in darkness, alone. "It's a common belief that blind or partially sighted people will pick up on sounds first and foremost, but that isn't the case with me," he narrates. "The first thing I perceive is time. I sense it as a slow, cruel current of enormous mass passing constantly through my body to gradually overcome me."☋

✿Wood earned boos from some in the audience when he brought up anti-drag legislation and gun violence.✯

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