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✡In 2009, a Christie's auction of another Rembrandt portrait set a world record: "Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo" sold for a whopping $25.3 million.⇗


◑On Thursday, Pakistan's Supreme Court ruled that Tuesday's arrest was "unlawful" and ordered Khan to be released immediately.▊0805Y0250391GCT⇔The charges were made public days after a Manhattan grand jury indicted Trump.↞1825Y5000124JXR➹The investigation, which closed in May 2015, had pointed to the "involvement" of Turkish agents but without referring to any backers.☼1812Y0630271JCR◇This was just a possibility, but when you are the president of the U.S. who just suffered the worst attack on the Homeland in the history of the country, you pay attention to possibilities, particularly when they are about the worst weapons ever developed by man.♭

♂"Taco Bell seeks no damages; it simply seeks reason and common sense," Taco Bell said.☢BZX84C3V9 TR PBFREE☆Sweetgreen, it seems, has turned down the the heat brought on by Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.'s chicken burrito bowl lawsuit.➳


⇎"Today is a victory for tip-over prevention that has been far too long in coming," the group Parents Against Tip-Overs said in a statement after the vote. "Had this stability rule existed twenty years ago, our kids would still be here today."▩K182M15X7RL5UH5⇓"It's the perfect storm of a few different developments that the pandemic has brought to bear," says Dave Kamper, a senior policy coordinator with the Economic Policy Institute. "One is that inequality is even more obvious than it's ever been. The CEO pay gap is higher now than it's ever been."⇟HZK5ATR-S-E»At the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the world witnessed a massive exodus of refugees from the country. Photos of exhausted, fearful women queuing at the country's western borders, clutching children, waiting to cross to safety, have become iconic in international coverage of the war.ˍSRU1048A-560Y⇩He prayed on this decision and consulted with his family. Then, in mid-December, he got the good news: His transfer was successful. He committed to the University of Michigan on a scholarship and joined the Big Ten Conference.⇣

♨The shooting took place in a church and killed 25 people including a pregnant woman. Officials put the death toll at 26, and it remains the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history.➳1808Y1000102JFT✌On May 22, a week-long ceasefire took effect to pause the fierce fighting and establish safe routes for the delivery of international aid. The product of weeks of negotiation, it was heralded as a breakthrough. However, within hours of taking effect, gunfire and explosions were heard throughout the capital of Sudan and the hope of humanitarian aid dwindled.


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MP358W☁The law will go into effect on July 1.↘NTS10100MFST3G☢German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told French TV channel LCI that Poland has not formally asked for Berlin's approval to share some of its German-made Leopards but added "if we were asked, we would not stand in the way."﹌


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CDLL5951C▦In one of many conversations with NPR from her basement, in the seclusion of the pandemic, Hannan defined normalcy as partying in the parking lot at her daughter's college lacrosse games. She's been back at it: "I have just had the most fun tailgating at my daughter's lacrosse games this past year. Being able to have those events with people you don't ordinarily see – I missed that so much during the pandemic," she says.⇜AOTE21115C◦"Effectively they're creating shows, albeit shortened-season shows, for a fraction of the price," Fortmueller said. Instead of paying writers more over a longer time, she added, streaming companies are "asking them to do a lot more heavy lifting in a much shorter amount of time."▫

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