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◦The 39-year-old quarterback had been vocal for some time about his frustrations playing for the Packers, saying he should have been more involved in the direction of the team. And he explicitly talked about his plans to move to the Jets.▆SC10F-271➮And in South Carolina, where abortion remains legal through 22 weeks of pregnancy, the vote marked the third time a near-total abortion ban has failed in the Republican-led Senate chamber since the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade last summer.①MD015C471JAB⇁It's not only Italy that loses pieces of its history when artifacts are discovered in clandestine excavations and smuggled off to art dealers for profitable sales. Academic experts, deprived of valuable information about the context of the area where the objects were originally found, lose out on knowledge about past civilizations, too."☞TAP336M016SRS⇂The rest of the categories will continue as planned the weekend of June 23.↬

↠Of those, seven were fired, three were suspended and two had internal charges dropped, Sink said.▦150D155X9125B2T✿President Biden on Tuesday said that any kind of nuclear attack from North Korea against South Korea or other U.S. allies would be met with an overwhelming response.▦


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ES1J-TP☁Beginning Jan. 1, 2024, the Maryland Trans Equity Act broadens the kind of gender-affirming treatments covered under the state's Medicaid plan, aligning it with care that private insurers offer.▲VJ1206A821KXEMT♠Jenny Bhatt is a writer, literary translator, book critic, and the founder of Desi Books. She tweets at @jennybhatt.✦


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ASPI-104S-221M-T↽SpaceX seems to understand the risks associated with such a monumental test launch.㊣0402YA560KAT2A◫In the 1970s, the Nixon administration used a similar tactic, with federal transportation funding as the carrot. Given the energy crisis at the time, the administration wanted states to reduce oil consumption by imposing a maximum speed limit of 55 mph. But it couldn't mandate states to do so. Instead, Nixon signed a law saying states could receive federal highway funding only if they lowered speed limits. In the end, all states complied.⇑

♛The CPSC says the new imagery is one step in that direction — and there's more to come.♡

♐Pippi's Place was started two years ago and is named after director Vicki Grizzard's black kitten, who she found abandoned and needing help. She named her Pippi, after the mischievous book character.↾

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