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2A01-TP∷The island is the westernmost of the Isles of Fleet, six miles away from a larger nearby town. The seller is unknown.☆CK45-R3FD101K-NR♣A coroner will determine the cause of death. Police say her injuries resulted from falling to the floor, not from the electric charge from the Taser-brand stun gun.❣


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1812J0250152JCT◥Defenders of atomic energy say fossil fuels should be phased out first as part of global efforts to curb climate change, arguing that nuclear power produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions and is safe, if properly managed.☼ETQ-PAF1R3EFK⇚GARY COHN: Well, I'm anti protest, so I don't think we should be protesting anything. I- I hope that America has learned from what has happened in the past, and I hope whatever happens next week, we just have a very peaceful set of events. You know, when it comes to this, no one is above the law. But there are also maybe some politics involved. So both of these things may be true.⊿


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1206J2000471JFR↵“Being true to yourself and your community is something to celebrate, all year long,” the Pride section on the company’s website says, inviting customers to post their Target finds with the hashtag #TakePride.▨MBRF40100CTR₪Biden said that at the "productive" meeting he and McCarthy "reiterated once again that default is off the table and the only way to move forward is in good faith toward a bipartisan agreement." He noted that while there are areas of disagreement, the pair, their lead negotiators and their staffs "will continue to discuss the path forward."✙


⇋Put aside which two legislators were temporarily expelled, says Carol Anderson. Instead look at what voters were represented by the three targeted representatives. "Those three legislators represent 'the other,'" she says.❣VS-50WQ10FNTRHM3♣Andrea Bernstein, Ilya Marritz, Quil Lawrence reported from New York City and Becky Sullivan reported from Washington, D.C.☢T86D685K035EBSL➡In a separate case filed earlier this year, GenBioPro also sued the state of West Virginia over its state abortion restrictions, arguing that federal regulations allowing the use of mifepristone should prevail over West Virginia's state laws.❤CL32B475KCVZNWE↨The eruption of gunfire left some weekend shoppers trapped in the mall as the attack unfolded, including Collin Palakiko, who told KERA's Katherine Hobbs that he sheltered in a store during the shooting.❖

↢Now with this lawsuit, Bragg is hitting back at the committee, suing to block Pomerantz from testifying. He said Congress has no power to investigate local prosecutors, and that the subpoena violates state sovereignty, and is politically motivated.GRT32DR61A226ME01L↭The opioid settlements have a built-in protection to address this concern. At least 85% of the money states receive must be spent on opioid-related expenses. But interpretations of qualifying expenses vary widely — often based on state politics. And oversight so far has been weak. The companies paying out the money are responsible for holding states to that threshold, but they're unlikely to monitor closely, legal experts say.▽


⇦Other protests in support of mifepristone access and abortion rights took place across the country Saturday, including in South Dakota, Texas, Chicago and Florida. More are expected Sunday.⇎C1608X7R1C224M080AC●What it will do: This legislation authorizes DeSantis to run for president without having to resign as governor. Proponents of the bill say it is meant to “clarify” existing Florida law, which says no official can qualify for another “state, district, county or municipal” public office if the term overlaps with their current position.۰GRM0335C1H220GA01D™In northeastern British Columbia, the chairman of the Peace River Regional District, Leonard Hiebert, said in a statement that the two big fires in that area had been "aggressive" in spreading since their discovery Friday. He urged anyone living in an area covered by evacuation orders to leave immediately.♣SGW15N120FKSA1ºSo, if Americans love TikTok so much, why has Congress proposed so many bills that could ban the app?↔

⇊She has been selected as a 2023 Angelopoulos Global Public Leaders Fellow and a Hauser Leader at Harvard Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership. Additionally, she has been named as a Knight Tech Governance Leadership Fellow at Harvard Law School.✍2225J1000563FCR♦That could backfire for Anheuser-Busch. Other companies will not shy away from efforts to diversify their own consumer bases, she said. "We will continue to see the inclusion of more diverse people in ads and marketing. That's not going away," Shanahan said.✲

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