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1N5928CPE3/TR8◙"It is our responsibility to get Kevin McCarthy to the table with Joe Biden," Van Orden said, adding then it's McCarthy's "burden" to get the president to a place where they can work on the country's fiscal future.£2220J0630122KFRღCancer didn't answer. Then I got into a dialogue and said, "You know, I've considered you a blessing. I actually really respect everything that's occurred to me since this diagnosis. I'm truly grateful for the diagnosis, but do you have to kill me?"☀


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VJ1206A181JXBAP⇊Instead, the researchers note that noncitizens are more likely than citizens to be living at addresses that the bureau's workers did not try to contact for the 2020 census. Many of the noncitizens the bureau's simulation tallied were living in group-style living quarters or buildings with multiple housing units and near the U.S.-Mexico border.▦VJ1206A3R3BXJCW1BC➮Including a "Middle Eastern or North African" checkbox would likely reduce the share of participants who mark "White" or "Some other race," while increasing the shares marking "Black" or "Hispanic or Latino," the Census Bureau's 2015 research suggests.☺

⏎Aja Romano, a culture reporter for Vox who's written about the "Dark Brandon" meme, said it's helping to transform the public's perception of the octogenarian president from a bland figure to something more exciting.♧


⇓"Are we recriminalizing [people experiencing addiction]? Are we pushing forward policies that are going to harm more than help?"↰2220Y5000153JFT▅Republicans have pitched the measure as a middle-ground change to state abortion laws developed after months of private negotiations between House and Senate GOP members. It adds exceptions to the 12-week ban, extending the limit through 20 weeks for rape and incest and through 24 weeks for "life-limiting" fetal anomalies.◘M39003/03-0440H∴The area where they roam is a paradise for the animals who have no predators and ample food and water, CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reported in 2019. Locals call them the "village pets," but a local biologist told Bojorquez the "dangerous" and "territorial" species is anything but.▎1812J1K50121FCR↣Follow live updates on former President Donald Trump's arraignment here.▦

↵The WHCA's guests were forced to walk past a line of protestors to enter the event, noted Mia McCarthy, a reporting fellow for Politico who was on the scene, as activists chanted that the media was complacent and not pressing Biden enough on the issue.◣2220Y0160154GFR►Tucker Carlson, who was Fox News' biggest star until his abrupt firing last month, says he's taking his show to Twitter.☠


☺Jacqueline Towarnicki got a text as she finished her day shift at a local clinic in Missoula, Montana. She had a new case, a patient covered in bruises who couldn't remember how the injuries got there.♀PSMN6R3-120ESQ↶And while the photos may not sound particularly groundbreaking, they represent a major step forward in physical disability representation.☝1808Y1000331MDR♦"Turning for home, he had a lot of heart," Castellano said. "He's a little horse with a big heart."➸OP32B222K101CT»Khan, 70, arrived Friday morning at the Islamabad High Court under heavy security, escorted by armored security vehicles, to hear a judge grant him bail in the corruption case and issue the order barring his arrest until at least May 17. The PTI said later that Khan would return to his home in the city of Lahore when he was released from court custody, which was expected imminently.↘

☂She was always there for everyone. Whenever we had any kind of occasion — a wedding a funeral, a friend in the hospital — she was always the first person there. She was such a beloved person. She was warm, she was kind and she was always smiling.☼CMH322522-R12KL♟Mark Zaid, an attorney representing more than two dozen victims, said in a statement that the intelligence community's assessment "lacks transparency" and had done "damage" to victims' morale.ⓥ


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