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▀For criminal justice advocates, it was an important victory, as it meant unanimity would be required for jury verdicts. But there was a catch: The referendum did not apply to cases from before 2019 — an issue that only got more awkward when the Supreme Court ruled split-jury verdicts unconstitutional and said states would have to settle for themselves whether to apply the ruling retroactively.▨


▦With their approval, Van Mol got the ball rolling.❈C1206X222F2GECAUTO↡A best practice manual for handling kiwi published by New Zealand's Department of Conservation says the "preferred model" for public events with kiwi is for people to have their photograph taken standing or sitting next to a kiwi that is being held by an accredited handler, rather than allowing members of the public to handle one themselves.☻VJ0805A180KLEAJ32◙Though he had a lot of high-profile jobs over his lifetime – including mayor of Cincinnati – Springer was best known as host of The Jerry Springer Show, a syndicated TV program which lasted for 27 years, featuring provocatively sensational topics and confrontations among the guests, sometimes degenerating into fistfights.↢1206J0500390JAR▦The early morning Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon — what analysts described as the most serious border violence since Israel's 2006 war with Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group — meanwhile threatened to push the confrontation into a dangerous new phase following heightened tensions at one of Jerusalem's holiest sites.の

¤The expedition deployed two submersibles, named Romeo and Juliet, some 2.3 miles below the surface to map every millimeter of the wreck site.☀GRT32DR61C106KE01L➞What started as one seed now spans 80 football fields and weighs some 6,000 tons. "They look like tree trunks to us, but stems is the proper scientific term," he says. "They go 80 feet into the sky."ˍ

☌The DA's office did not respond to NPR's immediate request for comment on the results.☀

◘Earlier this month, Burgum also signed a transgender athlete ban into law after it similarly passed the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities. In 2021, Burgum vetoed a bill that would have imposed a transgender athlete ban at that time, but House and Senate lawmakers did not have enough votes back then to override his veto.


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GRM0225C1H8R9DA03L◘In Keeler's case, the grand jury accused him of covering up sexual abuse allegations while serving as bishop of Harrisburg in the 1980s. Keeler later allowed the accused clergy member, now-defrocked John G. Allen, to transfer to Baltimore and continue working. Not long after the report became public, church officials announced the archdiocese was changing its plans to name a new Catholic school after Keeler, who had died the previous year.◦VJ1206A680GXEAC↥Trump and his allies have questioned Cohen's credibility. But at his news conference, DA Bragg said his investigators obtained texts, emails, contemporaneous phone records and testimony from multiple witnesses — information that would emerge at trial.•

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