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▐The number of people quitting their job has also fallen in recent months, suggesting workers are less confident about finding and keeping a new job.☼MSCD165-12➟"A trend of hoax active shooter calls have been hitting 9-1-1 call centers this week. The voice is typically a male of Middle Eastern descent and claims to be in a school building witnessing a shooting. These calls have been unsubstantiated," the statement read.▪IRF730U☛A best practice manual for handling kiwi published by New Zealand's Department of Conservation says the "preferred model" for public events with kiwi is for people to have their photograph taken standing or sitting next to a kiwi that is being held by an accredited handler, rather than allowing members of the public to handle one themselves.►GA0603Y153JXJAP31G✍When those with disabilities are ignored or neglected or discriminated against or denied their rightful place in any sphere of life, the world is losing out. So we need to be paid attention to.➜

⇋Last month, Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed SB255, which further amends that state's outside funding restriction to more explicitly prevent local governments from using such funding.♡SMBJ5340AE3/TR13➝NPR's Daniel Estrin in Tel Aviv contributed reporting.↭


ぃBut in the case of First Republic, the government was keen to find a private sector solution. It conducted an urgent sale process that JPMorgan Chase won.➙199D226X5016D1V1✿Policies mandating this type of additional compensation already exist in Canada and the European Union, the White House said — and one study showed such regulations led to fewer flight delays in the EU.☍PF0601.103NL⇉Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg alleges "an unconstitutional attempt to undermine" his investigation and is suing Jim Jordan, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for what he says are Jordan's attempts to influence an active New York state prosecution.⇇C325C333K3G5TA7301▆All of this led LeBlanc to want to work as a mental health practitioner. Starting this fall, he will be attending a Masters program to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner.☂

◩Experts believe tens of thousands of illegal weapons have remained unlicensed and out of reach of authorities.▔1808Y2000680KFR♪A U.S. official told CBS News on Thursday evening the administration briefed Gang of 8 staff members in the afternoon "to get this information to Congress expeditiously and offered additional briefings."∴


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CKC18C103JWGAC7800⇣"There's always a risk that mischief will be done," says Kirtley, a noted advocate for press rights. "If you can make the case go away, that's a win."⇞0805Y0160223JXR⇒"It's part of a larger agenda," Carlson warned.∴

▂Spencer references other possible associations, including moldy corn and patients' previous history of measles as possible further drivers of disease, perhaps interacting synergistically. In one of his studies, 50 nodding syndrome sufferers had higher rates of measles and exposure to moldy food compared to a control group.♪

❥CBS News Special Report - February 5, 2003▧


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