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✁The Barbie doll with Down syndrome will be available at major retailers this summer and fall for $10.99.▤1206Y0250120GCT⇥KFF Health News, formerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues and is one of the core operating programs at KFF — the independent source for health policy research, polling, and journalism.↔SMBG5933A/TR13☻VATICAN CITY — In an Easter message highlighting hope, Pope Francis on Sunday invoked prayers for both the Ukrainian and Russian people, praised nations which welcome refugees and called on Israelis and Palestinians wracked by the latest surge in deadly violence to forge a "climate of trust."◙2510-40G▍The 139-page lawsuit obtained by NPR describes the fatal beating as a "foreseeable product of the unconstitutional policies, practices, customs and deliberate indifference of the City of Memphis" and its police chief, Cerelyn "C.J." Davis.▏

➼For Fox, what evidence dribbled out in court hearings and court documents piled embarrassment upon embarrassment upon disgrace:♨WKO102MCPCJ0KR▫Entertainment industry turmoil↼


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DTC124EMT2L◊"The extraordinary effort behind this discovery speaks for the enduring truth of Australia's solemn national promise to always remember and honour those who served our country," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. "This is the heart and the spirit of Lest We Forget."❧0805J0630122MDR❉Anthony played one season at Syracuse University, where he won a national championship before being selected No. 3 overall by the Denver Nuggets in the 2003 NBA draft. He spent eight seasons there, and reached the playoffs in seven of those years.➺


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06035C223J4T4A↯The British national anthem sounded out once again, as Charles waved to the sea of people below him, then turned and re-entered for a more private celebration.➡HKQ0603U3N2C-T◆Having made a national name for themselves, both men then pivoted to politics and found success as live performers. Tall and imposing physically, both had commanding voices that could hold a crowd for an hour or more. Bryan was known for his eloquent oratory and traveled tirelessly to display it to the nation. In one campaign alone he was said to have logged 18,000 miles via train, striving to reach every sizable community in the country.♧

★Following Carrasquilla's resignation, a spokesperson for Florida's Department of Education, Alex Lanfranconi, said the state agrees that David has "artistic and historical value."▥


▢Auto insurance is regulated by state governments, and some have taken note of insurers pausing coverage of certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles.➞1808J5000560KFR▐"And I mean we know how to test someone for diabetes," adds Bausch. Yet "if you look at how many people who have diabetes, know that they have diabetes – it's less than 50% in many low- and middle-income countries."⊙C1206C225J3RACTU"It's the right thing to do and reflects President Biden's continued recognition of DACA recipients' dignity and contributions to our nation," Maribel Hernández Rivera, an American Civil Liberties Union deputy national political director, said in a statement.☾1210Y0630123JAT▪He wishes the Kenyan media would do a better job enlightening the public about the WHO announcement.❤

ЮJury selection also began Tuesday in a civil sexual assault and defamation lawsuit brought by the writer E. Jean Carroll, who alleges Trump raped her in a New York department store changing room in the 1990s. More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual assault.☼S4924R-395KHe worked alongside other kids with one of North Carolina's most valuable crops. Some of them worked in the summer and went to school the rest of the year, like him. Some didn't go to school at all.¤


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