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GA0603H332JBBAR31G▲When NPR shared the links, videos, and social media posts with cybersecurity researchers, it became clear that the sites were fake, at the very minimum.×CC1812KKX7RYBB103✂The more powerful Hamas has praised Islamic Jihad's strikes but remained on the sidelines during the latest round of fighting, limiting the scope of the conflict. As the de facto government held responsible for the abysmal conditions in the blockaded Gaza Strip, Hamas has recently tried to keep a lid on its conflict with Israel. Islamic Jihad, on the other hand, a more ideological and unruly militant group wedded to violence, has taken the lead in the past few rounds of fighting with Israel.♤


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MMBZ5232B-7♝This week, lawmakers in Pennsylvania's state Senate voted heavily in favor of a ban on supervised drug injection sites, with 22 Democrats supporting the measure. It hasn't yet been approved by the state House.↯2220J1K00562KCR▓But his critics are not convinced.☻

♟California water experts like Mountjoy, hydrologists and environmental watchdog groups have long warned the Central Valley's use of groundwater was unsustainable. Parts of the southern Central Valley that are now flooded, have sunk by as much as 28 feet over the last few decades — deflated like a punctured balloon — because so much water has been pumped from the ground.◦


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2225Y2500153FFR▉With Trump's proposal to expand the use of the death penalty, he is reigniting a debate over the practice that remains unsettled.】BUK9504-40A,127♥Ford's popularity plummeted after the pardon and he lost his bid for a term in the White House in his own right in 1976. There has never been any proof that Ford agreed to the pardon before Nixon's resignation.⋄

▄However, almost immediately, nondescript Facebook accounts began replying to official updates by posting strange videos in the comments section. The people posting the videos alleged to have footage from the scene, but it was clear from the background of the videos they were not taken in Twin Falls, said Palmer. Later on, other anonymous Facebook users shared links to news stories purporting to cover the shooting, leading people to click on what appeared to be fake news sites plastered with advertisements.º


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