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✿Royal fans and heads of state alike are arriving in London for the first British coronation in 70 years.ぃ4307-156J◫Israel says the controversial tactic helps authorities thwart attacks and hold dangerous militants without divulging incriminating material for security reasons. Palestinians and rights groups say the system is widely abused and denies due process, with the secret nature of the evidence making it impossible for administrative detainees or their lawyers to mount a defense.☂GGM1555C1H181JA16D£Similarly, executives at the Walt Disney Co. and ABC breathed a sigh of relief after settling a case in 2017, in which ABC News had referred to a kind of processed beef as "pink slime." That's because the amount parent company Disney paid — $177 million — was a fraction of its possible $5.7 billion exposure under South Dakota law. ABC did not retract the story.⇘LD023C391KAB2A➝The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday extended until Friday at midnight an administrative stay in an ongoing lower-court fight over the FDA-approved use of the abortion pill mifepristone.☼

"I'll buy someone a prime rib dinner at House of prime rib to 40 that mfr during the protest today," one officer texted, referring to "the potential use of a .40mm less lethal launcher being utilized" on the mayor, the District Attorney's report explains. A .40mm weapon is a kind of gun that fires hard foam projectiles. Their use against protesters and for crowd control, as well as their designation as somehow less lethal, has been criticized.▬1206J1K50121JXT↯"The president correctly said that the city has, in fact, been razed to the ground. The enemy is being destroyed every day by massive artillery and aviation strikes, and our units report that the situation is extremely difficult.♙

↕"Given the details of this case, we are unable to release any information at this time," said Melissa Dobbs, records administrator at the Longview Police Department.➚


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FK28C0G1H272JN006۰"Because if you can prosecute anyone for putting anything in the mail related to abortion, there is no abortion in the United States that takes place without something put in the mail," Ziegler says. "There are no abortion providers making DIY drugs and medical devices."▶6A10G B0G♩One of El Chapo's sons, Ovidio Guzman, was arrested by Mexican security forces this month in an operation that left 29 people dead and sparked a dramatic shootout at an airport in the city of Culiacan.☠

↟"Ooh, a little different than a basketball press conference. A lot of media in here," she said with a laugh.➪


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1812Y2K50270JCT↻"There's more to it," Eig said, "but what King actually said was that he disagreed with some of Malcolm's views, maybe with many of them — but that he was aware that his way wasn't the only way. And it sounded like he was much more open to exploring that relationship than the Playboy interview made it out to be."☛1210J2K00182KXR❤The project's cost of 450,000 euros ($492,000) is funded by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation, to which Germany has been a key donor, as well as the International March of the Living, a Holocaust education program.◊


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