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●The indictment says the pair submitted more than $8.4 million in fraudulent claims for covid tests "regardless of whether the Medicare beneficiaries had requested or needed the tests."⇇1206Y2000430KQT⇗Those are some of the tamer texts released.↽4590-472K↱A spokesperson for Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen — a Republican whose office will defend the case — said the lawsuit was frivolous.☆TF412T5G☋Nevertheless, the National Transportation Safety Board has said that turbulence causes the most common types of accidents aboard aircraft. From 2009 to 2022, the National Transportation Safety Board tallied 163 "serious injuries" resulting from turbulence. The types of injuries tracked include major fractures, serious burns, internal bleeding or any other injury requiring two or more days of hospitalization. Flight crews incurred 80% of all such injuries, the NTSB notes.✆

↣Ryan Laux, a frequent Disneyland visitor, said fire has always been a part of the "Fantasmic!" presentation. But he said he knew something had gone awry when flames didn't come from where they usually do.✚CC45SL3AD220JYVNA⏎Welby later blessed oil that would be used to formally anoint Charles. As the choir sang again, Charles removed several layers of his robes and entered behind a screen where he was anointed by the oil, hidden from public view, but close to the altar.«


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GQM1885C2A2R4DB01D▥He said the man who struck two aides — one senior staffer and an intern on her first day at the office — wasn't motivated by a political ideology. Capitol Police are conducting a security review. But Connolly says some district offices are in federal buildings with security and others in strip malls without it.➝C917U220JYNDAA7317▪Two of the defendants on trial for the January 6th riot tried to claim video showing them at the Capitol could have been created or manipulated by artificial intelligence. Lawyers for one cited a 2017 deepfake of former President Barack Obama, created by researchers, as reason for the court to doubt footage of the riot that had been taken from YouTube.←


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1210Y0630123FAR◤By midmorning Thursday, Concepcion felt relieved, though. The worst had passed.〓CLL5230-3 TR➸Ellsberg's name and prominence receded as time went on, and he devoted most of his time to teaching and writing. But he was often seen and heard at various protests involving war and peace, nuclear weapons, and the actions the federal government took against whistleblowers.☎


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TAZA154K050LBSB0800◆Birth rates are slowing in many Asian countries, including China. In Japan, the government estimated that the number of births had dropped below 800,000 last year. This led to prime minister Fumio Kishida to declare that the low birthrate and aging population pose a huge risk to society.▶CHV0603N250391JCT⇘One in five Asian adults say they've hidden part of their heritage from non-Asians for fears of ignorance, prejudice, discrimination or other reasons.✡


❤Carter later was named the John S. Knight Professor of Public Affairs Journalism at the University of Maryland. In 1998 he became president of the John S. Knight and James L. Knight Foundation, based in Miami, Florida.❤VJ1825A470JBEAT4X✄"Sufficient funding for election administration, however, remains an obstacle for many election offices across the country," she said. "The federal government can help states and their election administrators by providing consistent, robust funding streams."♚LD035A5R6BAB2A\500⊙The comments disturbed Seeley and some of Robbins' other followers — especially as the remarks came just weeks after tragic shootings involving gun-wielding homeowners.⇀STD25NF20↕Any additional government interventions would be controversial given that it could lead to even more expectations of a regulatory rescue.✙

◙As the fear gripped her, a woman at the next pump turned to Cadwallader Staub and empathized, telling her it was overly complicated to get out of Boston. She advised Cadwallader Staub to follow her out of the gas station – she would help get her back on track.⇩EPC2032▕In Washington, two leading lawmakers urged the U.S. on Sunday to send some of its Abrams tanks to Ukraine in the interests of overcoming Germany's reluctance to share its own, more suitable tanks.★

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