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⇕Fox News released a statement shortly after a settlement was announced.☪0603J1000151FFR▁Several authorities, including park rangers, Dare County Emergency Medical Services and Hatteras Island Ocean Rescue staff helped move the teenager from the hole and attempted CPR, but were not successful.1206J0630240FQT☆Max Porter has become something of a patron saint of troubled boys — and of parents under pressure.◇1210Y2508P20BFT☼On the surface, it's a Black southern gothic novel about a young woman learning to navigate life alone. But it's also a creepy ghost story with a sense of humor, a narrative about survival, and a strange tale of loss and grief sprinkled with sex, abuse, empathy, and a deep look at what it means to be dealt a rough hand at life from the very beginning.➹

▢Prosecutors in Santa Fe are pressing forward with involuntary manslaughter charges against actor Baldwin and a weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed have pleaded not guilty.✡PSMN6R3-120ESQ↔When Jochnowitz, an environmental activist and former township council candidate, posted images of the dumped pasta on Facebook a week ago, it set off an uproar of interest and questions. She estimated the pasta to weigh 300 or 400 pounds.↯

◊But public health experts say this kind of restriction clashes with efforts to make Narcan, which is easy and safe to administer, more widely available.▶


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0805J0160560JCT✐"Instead of being a culture of supervision, it has to be a culture of care," she reiterates.✌M39003/09-0283/HSD☆LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Legislature on Friday approved a 12-week abortion ban and restrictions on gender-affirming care for people younger than 19 in a move so contentious that lawmakers on both sides have said they may be unable to work together in the future.▷

↻"We should not be punishing the many well-run financial institutions and the American public for these unique bank and supervisory failures," said Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee.▧

⊿Twitter earlier responded to a request for comment about why the label was applied and whether it would be removed or changed with an auto-generated email bearing a poop emoji.↲

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