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Santos was released on a $500,000 bond.↟


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SMBG4739CE3/TR13◆Is there water and electricity in Khartoum?❑1210J1K00220GAR↰The federal law, known as Title IX, is likely a trickier question for the state because the federal statute prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or education program that receives funding from the federal government; the law was modeled on an earlier federal law banning discrimination in employment, and the Supreme Court ruled just three years ago that the ban on sex-based discrimination in employment applies to transgender employees.▨

➚Plans also called for the exercise to include a destroyer, missile boats, ballistic missiles and land-based anti-ship missiles as well as early warning, electronic warfare and tanker aircraft, according to the The Global Times, a newspaper published by the Communist Party.➦

⇑Advocates fear the city's approach is shaping residents' perceptions of people who are homeless as being violent.▬


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1808Y0630182JDT▤King Charles and Camilla, who at that stage will still be the queen consort, will travel in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach on their way to Westminster Abbey. The Diamond Jubilee State Coach was first used by Queen Elizabeth II at the state opening of Parliament in 2014. It has hydraulic suspension and air conditioning.▐1210J0250562GCR➮The man last seen with the two teens was convicted of first-degree rape in 2003 and served 17 years, according to records from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.«


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