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0805Y1000273MDT♠Twenty years later, Rozelle suspended Colts quarterback Art Schlichter, who was in just his second pro season. Schlichter was reinstated and played in 1984 and '85. But he couldn't kick the gambling habit and eventually wound up in prison for a multimillion-dollar ticketing scam.⊿C327C201FAG5TA7301♪A clip of Owen's comments was leaked to social media, and it spread widely across platforms. One version of the video posted to Twitter had been viewed more than 7 million times as of 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday.░


➚"Our military will need only a few months of intensive training to learn how to use, operate and repair the F-16," he said. "And I don't have the slightest doubt it will significantly strengthen our air defense."☆BC56-10PA,115⊙The Associated Press noted the quick creation of the hashtags "Dayton Strong," "El Paso Strong" and "Parkland Strong" following mass shootings in the last decade. Each sparked its own array of merchandise and memorials — and questions about whether all the self-branding was beneficial or just repeated until it was banal.♣CC0805JRNPO0BN270ºSEN. KELLY: Well, Margaret, I spent 25 years in the United States Navy, I flew in combat. This is my first time I've actually, you know, went to a warzone, a country that's been brutally attacked by- by Vladimir Putin. There's war crimes committed every day. I mean, the situation is just heartbreaking. You know, one of the things we were looking at was, you know, their ammunition supply. I don't want to comment specifically on the classified intelligence here, but we have to make sure that we continue to give them the weapons and the weapon systems that they need to be successful. We cannot allow Putin to win this thing. I mean, he, you know, he said, what his plan is. I mean, he wants to rebuild the Soviet Empire and if we don't stop him in Ukraine, I mean, there is no telling where he will go next.✎1812Y2500181FFR▏Trump and his allies have called the charges politically motivated.▤

◈The activists' families point to documents they say prove the involvement of Turkey's spy agency (MIT). In 2014, MIT officially denied any role.☠SI2331DS-T1-E3➫The bill also would prevent transgender people under 19 from receiving any gender-confirming surgery. It would also restrict the use of hormone treatments and puberty blockers in minors, putting the state's chief medical officer — a political appointee who is an ear, nose and throat doctor — in charge of setting the rules for those therapies. In Nebraska, people younger than 19 are considered minors.☢


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BZX55F20-TAP↽"Understand what is happening in our country. This is not a time to sleep on this. We cannot sleep on this. There is a national agenda at play," she said.☀2220Y6300272FCTぃAfter European bank shares plunged Wednesday, analysts said the meeting outcome was hard to predict, with some saying the central bank might dial back to a quarter-point increase. Higher rates fight inflation, but in recent days have fueled concern that they may have caused hidden losses on bank balance sheets.◥


ΘIn 1944, at just 25, Adams was placed in command of the all-women, predominantly African American 6888th Central Postal Directory in England. The unit, charged with delivering mail to nearly 7 million soldiers fighting in Europe, was deployed in early 1945.☝1812J0250562KCR₪"I'll spend everything I have to save the country I love," Lindell said.◊BAT54WHE3-TP◥"The interesting part about all of that is when you look at what's happening [in New Mexico], that's just what we know about. That's not even what we don't know," said Texas Southern's Henderson.⇀PMEG6020ER,115✲The standoff could last months and shut down Hollywood production. (The last writers strike lasted from November 2007 into February 2008.) Some of the sticking points include questions over staffing levels for new TV programs and income from episodes aired on streaming services.↘

☞The recent wetter weather in California has been "good news," fishery scientists described earlier this week. Federal and state agencies are also working on the largest river restoration and dam removal project in the country's history at the Klamath Basin in California to help recover the salmon population.⇥BZB784-C2V4,115▪Still, the group said it will partner with Kentucky Horseracing Commission and the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority to investigate the incidents and learn how to improve the safety of the sport.█


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IMC1812BN8R2K◘Experts say extreme weather events are happening with increased frequency and intensity due to climate change.➪2225J0250122KFT•The few Para athletes who have spoken publicly about the account offer varying perspectives, though many agree it's a delicate balance to strike.ღ


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