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⇤"This relentless pursuit, lasting over two hours, resulted in multiple near collisions involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians and two [New York Police Department] officers," the spokesperson said in a statement shared with NPR.➺XP0421600L▣Abortions would also still be permitted if a fetus is diagnosed with a fatal abnormality and the pregnancy has not yet advanced to the third trimester. Medications intended for a medical abortion would need to be dispersed in person by a physician.➨2220Y6K00181FCT♟In their shop, Belloni showed us the Bauta costume, of which the Volto mask plays a key part in concealing identity – perfect for a night out gambling or at the theater without becoming the target of gossip.◥C1005X7R1E103K/50♂Big box stores and grocery consolidation have added even more pressure on local grocers. A recent USDA report shows the percentage of grocery sales from the nation's top 20 retailers more than doubled from 1990 to 2020, while the consolidation was more pronounced in rural areas.↕

→"That's the trade-off," Williams says. "The airline saves fuel and passengers arrive early. But it might be a bumpy flight."◦1111Y1501P30BQT▦She said it was now difficult to keep in touch with her brother as the fighting has cut power to many parts of Sudan, leaving people unable to charge their phones.▔

큐A convoy of hundreds of Americans arrived in a port city in eastern Sudan on Saturday, the State Department said, in the first U.S.-led evacuation effort of private U.S. citizens since deadly fighting erupted in the country two weeks ago.⇍


✍"The investigation into Mr. Shell arose from a complaint by my client of sexual harassment and sex discrimination," said Suzanne McKie, an attorney for Gamble, in a statement provided to NPR.▤CWR09MC475KS⇡Last week, DeSantis signed into law a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, restrictions on discussion of "preferred pronouns" in schools and restrictions on using bathrooms that don't match one's assigned sex at birth.•GA1210A821KBBAR31G√The group included New Mexico Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich and Republican Sens. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., and Todd Young, R-Ind. They agreed that the plan must be bipartisan, and they can't take too long to craft the plan, Schumer said.☈IRFD311♦Penny is receiving support from some members of the public. A GiveSendGo fundraiser for Penny's legal fund, set up by his attorneys, already exceeded $370,000 after his arraignment Friday.⇕

☢Their proposed targets include hospitals, school systems, medical licensing boards and, the holy grail, pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.▽1825J1000332JCT↕But three candidate vaccines — one developed by Oxford University and the Jenner Institute in Britain, another from the Sabin Vaccine Institute in the United States, and a third from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) — are being trialed in Uganda.➻


▄The verdict came after a two-week trial that featured a courtroom performance by Sheeran as the singer insisted, sometimes angrily, that the trial was a threat to all musicians who create their own music.☪1210J1K00153JXT☼But the unleashing of powerful generative AI to the public is also raising concerns about another phenomenon: that as the technology becomes more prevalent, it will become easier to claim that anything is fake.☢HGTP6N40EID▯Human remains discovered at Lake Mead have been identified as belonging to a 52-year-old Las Vegas man who disappeared over two decades ago, according to the Clark County coroner's office.⇜TAS105K100P1C-FⓛMexico has deployed about 7,000 troops to the region to help prepare for an evacuation if one is needed. More than 25 million people live within 60 miles of the peak.●

♖Early in the novel, the patriarch of the family, Sandy, plans to kill himself by jumping off the balcony of his New York apartment. He reconsiders, but ends up making another rash decision, abandoning his job as a lawyer and moving to Vermont, where he and his wife, Naomi, converted a house into a Zen Buddhist temple 40 years before.➳GQM2195C1H4R0DB01D£This may sound cynical but I am being earnest: What gives me peace of mind when gloom is looming is to remember that in 5 billion years, the sun will become a red giant and Earth will cease to exist. With that perspective, it puts me more at peace that, for example, salmon may go extinct in my lifetime. It seems less critical to save them (and every other species) knowing that all species will one day share the same fate. (For the record, I hope salmon make it.) -Andrew Murphy, Crescent City, Calif.▇


⇣Radhika Gawde, president of the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis, said students stayed up Monday night monitoring police scanner activity and sharing information on social media.➯CD214B-R350♭The government order comes a day after NK News, citing sources in Pyongyang, reported that people in the city appeared to be stocking up on goods in anticipation of a lockdown. It is unclear if other areas have imposed similar lockdowns and state media has not announced any new measures.のCKC33C473MWGAC7210▣New York has become the latest state to announce it's stocking up on abortion pills. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Tuesday that the state is preparing to purchase a five-year supply of misoprostol, a drug used in combination with another pill that is now the subject of legal battles in federal courts. The New York State Department of Health is buying 150,000 misoprostol doses.⇇12101C225KAZ4A➸Churchill Downs described each horse fatality as "unique" — adding that there was "no discernable pattern detected in the injuries sustained."⊙

○The U.S. Postal Service released a Forever stamp on Friday honoring the Ponca tribe chief, a civil rights icon known for his "I Am a Man" speech.☁C1206X131J3HAC7800❄Thursday's announcement came on the same day the U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene in West Virginia's battle over a law that bans transgender athletes from participating on female sports teams at school. And it came a day after the Kansas Legislature successfully overrode the Democratic governor's veto to codify a ban of its own.♀


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