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PE-51516NL☭During a press conference on Tuesday announcing the effort, one of the bill's sponsors, State Sen. Karen Keiser, said she's concerned about the power of judges to make decisions affecting patients even in states where abortion remains legal.⇘1825Y2000393MXT✄CBP made no mention of fires at the Mexican camp in its statement about the bridge shutdown.↙


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TAZE225K025LSSZ0800☆McCarthy told reporters he expected another meeting with the president and congressional leaders next week.➹CDR31BP6R8BCUP-ZANAM▦The Arqin border crossing with Egypt was crowded with about 30 passenger buses of at least 55 people each, said Suliman al-Kouni, an Egyptian student who fled northward from Khartoum with dozens of other students.⇥


☂But in much of the country, especially in rural areas, AM stations are the primary source of weather information in emergencies, although many stations have cut out local news staffing as listeners have migrated to FM and streaming audio. About 40 percent of AM stations have news, talk or sports formats; 11 percent are oriented to specific ethnic groups; and 11 percent are religious, according to BIA.✥SPU07N60C3ⓥHis mother Yana is an artist who was in Russia when the war started. She abandoned her car, she said, before catching a flight to New York. The apartment she owned in Odessa has also been abandoned.◊CWR19JC105KAAA◥Lawyers for Daniel Penny, the 24-year-old who restrained Neely in a chokehold, told Gothamist in a statement that their client "never intended to harm Mr. Neely and could not have foreseen his untimely death."❂18122C224MAT2A▔Police said in the report that it was unclear if a crime had occurred. "Each party appear justified in their actions based on the circumstances they perceived," police said.☛

❧Now, the old order is back, and officials must either detain migrants who cross into the U.S. or release them. There was no immediate chaotic rush of migrants at the border, as some had anticipated. But a lot of uncertainty remains about what will transpire in the months to come — both procedurally and politically.☻GRM1887U2AR60CD01D▊This extreme position on drug offenses came right out of the gate with Trump's candidacy. During his campaign announcement last November, the former president drummed a familiar beat on securing America's southern border and combating Mexican drug cartels. He didn't go into detail on his promises, but did outline how he would handle certain drug offenses.❤


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C1210C223F4HACAUTO↙DeSantis has been targeting curriculum and diversity programs in public schools and colleges that he's attacked as "woke indoctrination."♥SRR1280-2R4YThough Krosoczka's grandparents, as he recalls them, were not perfect, they were loving, steadfast, and generous caregivers, supporting his passion by enrolling him in local classes at the Worcester Art Museum and purchasing him a drafting table for his 14 birthday. Hey, Kiddo is a book mainly focused on familial and professional starts, and in it readers are given a passing glimpse, just several pages long, of a summer in high school of monumental change. In this small stretch of time, young Jarrett got his driver's license, received an unexpected first letter from his father, prepared to apply to his dream college, RISD, and volunteered at Camp Sunshine. That one-week experience, summed up in a single line — "it totally changed my life" — is the central focus of this latest, moving memoir.☂

➧Israel and Egypt have maintained a blockade over Gaza in what Israel says is a policy aimed at preventing Hamas from arming. The Palestinians and international rights groups say the policy, which restricts the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, amounts to collective punishment.☣


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