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❈The planned congressional hearings follow a series of news reports that raised questions about Justice Clarence Thomas' business dealings, and luxurious vacations that he and his wife took that were paid for by his friend, GOP mega-donor Harlan Crowe.♛


▫Lewis says it's difficult to say what the political effect of the new missile will be. On the one hand, such a weapon is far more threatening to the U.S. than a liquid-fueled missile, but that very fact may make Kim Jong Un's regime feel more secure.☆XP262N7002TR-G⇙Whether tied directly to Al Qaeda or not, Zarqawi and his men, since the group was formed in 2001, were living in northern Iraq. There, they had contact with an Iraqi intelligence officer. And, Zarqawi had gone to Baghdad for medical treatment for a few months in 2002.  For some in the Administration, these two data points were enough to prove a link between Saddam and Zarqawi.▇1210Y2000683KDT☂Success in a televised circus◣2220Y0100272KCR▥ ▧

☁The United Nations rights chief on Wednesday urged Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to block an anti-LGBTQ bill passed this week that prescribes harsh penalties, including death and life imprisonment.▣T491D226M020ZTZ012☻Jeremy Fogel, a former federal judge who served as chairman of the financial disclosure committee of the U.S. Judicial Conference, indicated a need for the court to have some internal mechanism for checking ethical obligations. Ethical questions in the current system, he said, are "kind of a black box."➛


⇊Lynch argued that while the shooting in Colorado Springs was often held up as a reason to pass these types of gun restrictions, "evidence shows they would've done absolutely nothing to stop that."⇪C315C302G5G5TA▰Owner Elon Musk has argued that Twitter Blue endeavors to treat accounts equally and not give some preferential treatment, but experts warn that the relaxed verification standards may make it easier for misinformation to spread.⇉CDR01BP100BKUM♨After returning to the sport, he was reinstated by the Giants from 1985 to 1986, and then shortly played with the A's again after becoming a free agent, but retired in 1987.■BLC9G22XS-120AGWT♪There is upside for us all: Patients who follow evidence-based medicine have double the chance of surviving their cancer, research has found. Demonstrating an AI cancer counselor has a positive effect on medication compliance or even overall survival in a clinical setting should be possible with a modest number of clinical-trial patients.☢

⇎In those cases, she said, ethics rules and lawyers' professional norms have a role to play. Lawyers are not supposed to put forth frivolous arguments, for example.►125LS30-R⇃Critic Kim Do-heon says such creation can be an ultimate symbol of K-pop's influence.❖


ღWhen it comes to the opioid settlements, it's not clear if the federal government will try to claim repayment for Medicaid expenses linked to opioid addiction, which was estimated at $23 billion in 2019. Bruce Alexander, spokesperson for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, declined to answer specific questions and simply wrote, "CMS is currently reviewing the issue."↵GXM2165C1H201JA02D↤Daniel's parents, Kristina, who worked in marketing, and Yevgeniy, who ran a textile business, had been planning to immigrate to the United States since before Daniel was born. He'd been learning English in anticipation, while the adults worked on saving money, getting the paperwork together and coordinating with Yevgeniy's brother, who lives in the States. When the invasion came last February, they moved up their timeline.♗IMC1210EBR47J✎Bannon had no plans to stand still. He laid out a multi-point plan that included delegitimizing Biden as president, Republicans' winning both U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, and getting Bartiromo elected to the U.S. Senate in New York — all while prepping Trump for a 2024 White House bid.↢SQJA86EP-T1_GE3①As director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Rice had broad sway on the administration's approach to health care, immigration and racial inequality.▒

ΘEbola is an often fatal viral hemorrhagic fever. The disease is named after a river in Democratic Republic of Congo where it was discovered in 1976.▨GA0805H821KBXBT31G↘"That's why you are standing there, because of that temper tantrum that day, that yearning to have attention, well you're getting it now," he said to the young Black man.☀


卍Santos, who represents communities on Long Island and in Queens, previously gave up all committee assignments because of the scandals he faces.✤F930J686KBA✏Police said that during some of the past collection efforts, people threw their weapons away in garbage containers or left them unattended instead of bringing them to police stations.◊CDR32BP330BKUSAT⇣California now bans state-funded travel to nearly half of the country following a surge of anti-LGBTQ legislation in mostly Republican-led states.の2225J1K20182FCT⇓Graham said he hoped Feinstein would be back soon, but that adding a Democrat to her place while she is away would allow support for "a handful of judges that I think should never be on the bench."◙

☢The same areas were the source of two other dinosaurs skeletons that also went on the block, says Koller: "Sue" sold for $8.4 million over a quarter-century ago, and "Stan" fetched nearly $32 million three years ago.▤173D126X9025XE3↠On the WMD portion of Powell's speech, the Secretary's presentation omitted the analysts' caveats, although, to be fair, the caveats were not numerous.  Nonetheless, they were lost. There was pressure from policymakers for those caveats not to be in the speech.❄


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