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♧HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk also said in the press conference that he thinks "the letter K needs to be diluted" because K-pop is "a culture encompassing everything from fans, their consumption behaviors, production and industrial system" rather than a music genre.◊


➚He later began communicating with someone and agreed to kill a person for $5,000.™ZMM62۰At this point, Republicans seem perfectly OK with that. In that same NPR poll, 8 in 10 Republicans have a favorable opinion of Trump, and three-quarters think he should be president again.ⓛEPC8004ENGR▎TOKYO — A missing Japanese army helicopter carrying 10 crew members is believed to have crashed into the sea off a southern island after objects appearing to be aircraft parts were spotted in the area, an official said Thursday.☠0603Y0250101KXR✣On Saturday, authorities identified the five victims of the shooting as:╬

⇠Even though the production cut is only about 1% of the roughly 100 million barrels of oil the world uses per day, the impact on prices could be big, Book said.⊙CDR31BP101BKSP\M2K√"What we were seeing was a very targeted misinformation campaign to the city of Twin Falls," he told NPR.▦

◘Similar problems have led California to consider mothballing its own 2016 ban on state travel to states it deems discriminate against LGBTQ people.▌


⊙Broadly speaking, she says, media organizations want to sidestep any chance for a judge or appellate court to revisit the very high standard of proving "actual malice," established in a landmark 1964 ruling in a case involving The New York Times. The law currently favors news organizations. Yet several U.S. Supreme Court Justices have expressed an interest in altering or reforming that standard.✲CDR35BX334AMUPAB➴"At first I used to fight off looters on my own," he says. "Then I started calling the police — if I could get a signal."●GA1206Y152KXABR31G♗Critics of police response in New Mexico say a bigger gun culture in the state compared to much of the rest of the country and lax police training play a factor in the high incidence of police killings.☀1808J1K20101FCR♀We knew that Saddam had WMD in the 80s. After all, he had used chemical weapons against the Iranians and against his own people in the 1980s.  And, we monitored his nuclear program for years.☆

◑Nonetheless, the reassuring message from CDC and WHO is that you're less likely to catch COVID-19 because case counts have dropped due to vigilance and treatments.¤FK28C0G2A181JN000☭The golf icon had to have a rod inserted into his tibia, as well as pins and screws inserted into his foot and ankle.º

⇌Today, Johnson Memorial is up and running again. But it took nearly six months to resume near-normal operations, according to the hospital's Chief Operating Officer Rick Kester.▣


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