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➸"It's time, at this stage, to pick and choose winners from a climate standpoint," Shukla says. "And it would be timely, especially for export credit agencies like the [Export-Import Bank], to use their financing dollars for the most climate-positive projects that are available."♂


⇁Producer: Olivia Gazis⇄GA0603Y471KXAAC31G◎Daniels said she was prepared to testify in the Manhattan grand jury probe but was never asked. She said she'd welcome the prospect of testifying if the case goes to trial, which is likely, but not until late winter or spring 2024.➘S0402-10NF1B☻Thomas and his mother's house. One week later, additional deals between the two men were revealed, again by ProPublica, which found that in 2014, Crow bought a single-story home, along with two adjacent lots, in Savannah, Ga., belonging to Thomas and his family.۰LD035A120KAB2A⇓He practiced law in Cincinnati, eventually getting elected to the city council in 1971; by 1974 he had to resign, admitting he'd paid a sex worker by check, but was re-elected in 1975. And in 1977, he served for a year as mayor of Cincinnati.⇆

☄The officers shop at the same grocery stores as the families. They umpire weekly softball games. They live in the same neighborhoods. In some cases, they are blood relatives.█M39003/09-0074▽"To all who are weary and need rest, to all who mourn and long for comfort, to all who fail and desire strength, to all who sin and need a savior, this church opens wider doors once again with a welcome from Jesus," Parker told his congregation.↗


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1111Y5000390FUT✪The case against O’Neal and 10 other celebrities — including former NFL quarterback Tom Brady, comedian Larry David and supermodel Gisele Bündchen — has been mounting since November. That month, FTX filed for bankruptcy in a move that vaporized at least $10 billion in assets and raised questions about regulation and oversight in an industry that operates outside conventional banking rules. FTX’s founder Sam Bankman-Fried is facing multiple charges, including fraud, money laundering and campaign finance violations. (Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to the charges.)↞TAP686M016SCS큐Now, they can't afford to give their newborn daughter the funeral they would like to give her.✤


█Last November, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) noted the alarming rise of violence in health care settings. The federal agency recommended that hospitals better identify patients who could pose a safety risk, increase staffing levels and improve training and education for staffers. There was no mention of boosting law enforcement presence.✂199D106X9050F6V1♢He and a RAND colleague, Anthony Russo, had access to a copy of the 7,000-pages of classified documents and historical narrative they kept at RAND. They began smuggling sections of it out to photocopy them at night, one page at a time. It took most of two years.☁SMBJ4742A/TR13↘Airfares fell by 2.6% in April after a 4% jump in March.▒2225Y0250333KCT웃Montana's Republican governor and Republican-led legislature are now seeking to restrict abortion access. Gov. Greg Gianforte and state Attorney General Austin Knudsen are asking the state Supreme Court to overturn its 1999 decision in the case Armstrong v. State, in which it held that abortion access is protected under the Montana Constitution's right to privacy.❈

↗In a diversity, equity and inclusion statement posted to its website, Anheuser-Busch says it is committed to a workplace and consumer base that is inclusive of all people "whatever our personal characteristics or social identities," including gender identity.●1825Y5000683MXT➹But some of those gains were reversed in April, when 43,000 people dropped out of the job market.♨


➫McCarthy has opposed that repeatedly, and Johnson told reporters it is "absolutely off the table." But he agreed with Yellen's timeline for acting and said "default would be terrible for our country."■1812Y0630333GFR▨Department of Defense instructions and Army regulations prohibit the investigators from releasing any information to the public concerning the causes, analysis or internal recommendations, the statement said.◊C321C180G3G5TA☞The number of children working in the fields has probably increased since the start of the pandemic, Cuello told NPR. Part of the reason is that kids weren't going to school, but another factor was that people without legal immigration status couldn't access many of the pandemic relief resources available to U.S. citizens.✐C0603X151G3HAC7867↞Rachel Milam lived in the basement with her 6-year-old daughter, while her mother and her mother's boyfriend lived upstairs in their home on the outskirts of Waynesboro, Tennessee.ⓞ

♬The shooting took place just two floors above him, he recounted.◑ER1641-561JP✆Steven Spainhouer, whose son worked at the H&M store at the scene of the shooting, told CBS News Texas that he rushed to help the wounded after his son called to say there had been an attack.

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